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'There are scientific papers that suggest having gone through puberty and development as a male gives a physical advantage to an athlete in terms of bone and muscle density' - Damian Wilson

'If this is the start of allowing transgender athletes to compete on an international level under their adopted sex, then maybe it’s time for a new transgender category' - Damian Wilson

'It seems those we accepted to lead us to those sunlit uplands of Brexit have turned out to be not quite as sold' - Damian Wilson

'It’s disgraceful and makes it extremely hard to reconcile the reality we have today with the confidence, promise and optimism' - Damian Wilson

'The TV pundit is not so much riding the wave of the right wing sentiment espoused by National Rally leader Marine Le Pen as charting his own course' - Damian Wilson

'For both Le Pen and Macron, so focused on each other, it’s important they identify quickly that the impressive poll result is not that of a TV novelty act, it’s the result of a possible contender' - Damian Wilson

'There used to be a time when working for the CIA sounded interesting. Edgy, dangerous, important, morally ambiguous. Y’know, real fun' - Damian Wilson

'A self-obsessed wokelet employed on the basis of their progressive opinions and deeply held conviction that they were always the most interesting person in the room' - Damian Wilson

'The harsh reality is that those people in India are better off staying where they are, abiding by local rules and waiting for the Australian government’s travel ban review in two weeks’ time' - Damian Wilson


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“We are devastated to hear of the passing of the extraordinarily talented and gracious Helen McCrory. We were honoured to have worked with her on Skyfall and send our heartfelt condolences to Damian, Manon and Gulliver.” Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli.

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'The Dutch find themselves in the position of being ruled over by a system that is more like a dictatorship than a democracy' - Damian Wilson

Two shocking headlines that sum up Covid: Billionaires MADE $3.9 trillion during the pandemic, while workers LOST $3.7 trillion - By Damian Wilson READ:

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‘What does Sikh separatism have to do with the school protests Greta pioneered, or climate change, for that matter?’ - Damian Wilson

‘Straying wildly off-piste, Greta Thunberg has caused fury in India with her backing of a farmers’ protest with links to an independence campaign for Punjab. It’s clear she’s in serious need of some proper guidance’ - Damian Wilson

Those who insisted on highlighting the flawed character of George Floyd were widely condemned, and now those efforts to paint Ashli Babbitt as something she wasn’t should also be resisted, writes Damian Wilson

'It may win President Erdogan a few Islamist friends, but turning Istanbul’s former Orthodox Christian cathedral, Hagia Sophia, into a mosque shows total disregard for a fragile religious balance and a key cultural destination.' - Damian Wilson

#Putin gets bonus trust points for nailing the hazmat suit appearance first - Damian Wilson

"Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to a coronavirus hospital wearing a full hazmat suit may not be as flashy as some of his many photo ops, but it will earn him more trust than a hundred bare-chested pictures." - Damian Wilson

"As an Australian, I am deeply ashamed by these disgraceful, impossible to deny scenes." - Damian Wilson