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“Kids that have no money, are they responsible for the fact that they don’t have any food?” Dame Louise Casey says today’s debate was a “pretty tough listen” and urges politicians to “leave the tribalism to one side” #Newsnight 

The UK government’s former homelessness advisor Dame Louise Casey warns of “destitution” for many Britons. “We are heading into just an extraordinarily difficult period,” she tells me. “The pandemic has essentially split the country down the middle, with the haves and have-nots.”

“Families can’t cope on two thirds of an income… Children will go hungry.” Dame Louise Casey urges MPs to “stop attacking each other and work out what we can do so our kids don’t go hungry” #Newsnight 

ICYMI: “Kids who have no money… are they responsible for the fact that they don’t have any food?” Dame Louise Casey says the idea that offering free school meals over the holidays is ‘nationalising children’ is “a ridiculous expression to use” #Newsnight 

Just caught up with Dame Louise Casey's interview on #Newsnight . Very critical of the Government for not extending free school meals. Called Government ministers "out of touch". Well said.

warning of mass “destitution” from Dame Louise Casey, who was an adviser to Boris Johnson’s government until earlier this year

Very strong from ex govt advisor Dame Louise Casey on @RishiSunak ⁩’s new furlough: "It's like you're saying to people, 'You can only afford two-thirds of your rent, you can only afford two-thirds of the food that you need to put on the table’.”

UK faces "period of destitution" in which families "can't put shoes on" children, the government's former homelessness adviser Dame Louise Casey warns @bbclaurak 

‘We are looking at a period of destitution’ warns former adviser on homelessness Dame Louise CaseyAnalysis from @NigelpMorris 

Iain Dale puts it to social welfare official Dame Louise Casey: despite uni students being in cramped conditions, that's nothing compared to Syrian refugees. @IainDale  | #CrossQuestion 


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#Coronavirus "is throwing a spotlight I think on whether we as a nation want to help people less fortunate than ourselves, precarious our social welfare system is". Dame Louise Casey - former DG of housing ministry. #R4Today  More:

Today @RobertJenrick  announced a new taskforce on rough sleeping, led by Dame Louise Casey. Experts will work with councils across the country on plans to ensure rough sleepers can move into long-term, safe accommodation once the immediate crisis is over

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Ex-integration tsar Dame Louise Casey, who's worked for four Prime Ministers, tells @Emmabarnett  she will "probably not" work for Boris Johnson She believes there's a disconnect between Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg and "people that don’t look like them or sound like them"