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#Israel carried out an air strike near the Syrian capital early Friday, Syrian state media reported, the second attack near #Damascus  in the last two days

Israel has carried out an air attack near Damascus, the second attack near the capital in the last two days

An Iranian IRGC adviser and officer was killed in an alleged Israeli airstrike in Damascus on Thursday night in the second attack in 24 hours. Report by @TzviJoffre  | #Iran  | #Israel  | #Syria 

#BREAKING: #Iran ’s Revolutionary Guard says advisor killed in #Israeli  attack on #Syria ’s #Damascus 

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Senior Turkish, Syrian, and Iranian diplomats are set to meet in Russia on Wednesday to advance the stalled rapprochement between Ankara and Damascus. (via @ezgi_akin )

#Türkiye to Continue Normalization Talks with Damascus Regime within Days

Tunisia's President Kais Saied said, "Nothing can justify the absence of a Tunisian ambassador in Damascus and an ambassador from Syria in Tunis."

Tunisian President Kais Saied said, "Nothing can justify the absence of a Tunisian ambassador in Damascus and an ambassador from Syria in Tunis."


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The Air Force of an unknown country destroyed Iranian Il-76 cargo planes at Damascus Airport. These planes transported moped drones from the manufacturer to the buyers. It happens.

#Breaking : A 9-year-old girl has been hit by a stun grenade launched by police at Jerusalem's Damascus Gate. Graphic. vi @nirhasson 

I saw a lot more instances of entirely unnecessary, provocative behavior by Israeli police/military today. At Damascus Gate (stun grenades thrown at peaceful Palestinian group), in Sheikh Jarrah (skunk water fired on Palestinian homes) & Bethlehem (volleys of tear gas)

IT ONLY TAKES 2 SECONDS TO SHARE! Police in Montgomery County are searching for a missing 15-year-old girl. Amirah Henderson was last seen Wednesday morning in Damascus.

Photos from the AP show the skies over Damascus as the US, UK, and France launch airstrikes on Syria

Disturbing reports tonight of some kind of poison gas attack in the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta in Syria that has killed as many as 110 people so far. Some shocking photos of dead children, recalling the 2013 attack, in the same location.

BREAKING: Several explosions heard in Damascus, smoke seen rising on east side of city - Reuters witness

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"And we are also hearing reports, many of the targets, in particular the air bases in some of the military installations that had been struck, had indeed been evacuated of personnel earlier in the week," reports from Damascus, Syria

Damascus, Syria. Life—and Ramadan—go on.

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GUYS!! how cute is Lara? she's a 5-year-old Syrian girl from Al-Ghouta in Damascus. 3 years ago,…