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South Dakota’s #IndianCountry  has the highest rates of COVID statewide, but GOP Gov. Kristi Noem is fighting their efforts to stop the spread. "It's like we're trapped in a house on fire,” says Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe spokesman @RemiBald  Eagle. He joins me 8aET. #velshi 

Every year, I reflect on how blessed I am to call South Dakota home. I am thankful for the beauty of our state – for our wide-open spaces & soaring hills – and I'm thankful for the kindness, graciousness, & resilience of dakotas'>South Dakotas. From my family to yours, happy Thanksgiving.

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The worst-hit countries (cases per capita) in Europe are making a rapid descent, worst was 140/100K people In the US, the Dakotas are beginning to descend, peaked at >180/100K, the highest in the global pandemic

The CEO of Sanford Health, of the largest health systems in the Dakotas, is stepping down after sending a controversial email to employees about his recovery from COVID-19 and his self-proclaimed immunity from the disease.

North Dakota has hit another high in COVID-19 deaths as the virus continues to hit hard in the middle of the country. @DavidBegnaud  asked N. Dakota’s #1  talk radio host @JoelKFGO  how the state is handling the pandemic: "If you were grading it, it would be an F, probably an F—"

COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are spiking nationally across the U.S., but the Midwest - encompassing a dozen states between Ohio and the Dakotas - has been especially brutalized

#BREAKING Dakotas hospital CEO blasted masks as a 'symbolic issue' -- and is now out of a job: report

In the last 2 months, the Dakotas went from having among the lowest per capita death rates to among the highest across US states. The Northeastern states (NJ/NY/MA/CT) remain at the top from the first wave.

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Here's the most recent two hours of satellite imagery across the region. That clearing you can see in the Dakotas won't be getting here anytime soon (most of us won't see much if any sun until Thursday).

Sanford Health, the largest health-care system in the Dakotas, says it could see more than 200 additional hospital beds filled in the weeks following Thanksgiving if people gather in large groups to celebrate the holiday #WSJWhatsNow 


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Fun Fact: The only reason there are two Dakotas is because Republicans won the 1888 election, and they decided to celebrate by splitting the Dakotas to give themselves four senate seats instead of just two.

The Dakotas now lead the US in number of new infections per million people.

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South Dakota’s (white) governor didn’t shut down, and now the state has a huge outbreak including at a Smithfield plant where the company is blaming immigrants for having big families

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"South Dakota’s governor resisted ordering people to stay home. Now it has one of the nation’s largest coronavirus hot spots."

South Dakota’s governor resisted ordering people to stay home. Now the state has one of the largest single coronavirus clusters anywhere in the US, with more than 300 workers at a giant ­pork-processing plant falling ill, @griffwitte  reports

Watched North Dakota’s Rep. Kevin Cramer easily win debate with Senator Heidi Heitkamp. Great job Kevin, you will be a great Senator!

“I feel that there is some irony in these extra hurdles being added on our people, the first people of this country, in having to prove your citizenship.” North Dakota’s Native Americans scramble to comply with voter ID law

MAKE THEM PUBLIC: Demand the make public each-and-every one of the 100 federal camps separating children and families. And let our elected officials inside. From NY to CA; From the Dakotas, to the border of Texas. The fight for humanity is on. This is not America.

More US citizens live in Puerto Rico than live in the Dakotas, Vermont, Wyoming, and Alaska combined. I don't see Congress lifting a finger