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In today’s Daily Express: William and Kate’s Royal Bake-Off. Was a Cambridges birthday greeting for Harry a sign of easing of tensions or, as @valentinelow  suggests, was it significant that Meghan was missing from royal greetings? Plus we have an exclusive from @davidjmcclure .

The Queen’s True Worth, by @davidjmcclure  and serialised in the Daily Express, shows that the decision to change the way the Royal Family is funded was the culmination of a palace campaign stretching back three decades.

This Tom Hardy thing is bonkers. Evening Standard and the Daily Express reporting he has been “cast” as Bond. All this from an obscure website called (checks notes) Vulcan Reporter. The author (just 5,500 Twitter followers) says nothing more solid than he’s “learned” this is so.

EU can’t talk! Brexit has exposed EU’s double standards, says Swiss politician - Daily Express

Boris Johnson is warned he could oversee economic “catastrophe” which “threatens the survival of the Conservative Party” That’s me saying that, in The Daily Express (yes, seriously)

Brexit hardball: Ruthless Boris has got EU cornered, says leading Swiss politician - Daily Express

There’s plenty of exclusive royal content in today’s Daily Express, including @davidjmcclure  on the cost of the Queen’s expensive hobby and how Margaret Thatcher’s government rejected using the Crown Estate profits to fund the Royal Family.

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Finally SOMEBODY talks sense! Swiss economist tells EU to forget about UK paying bill - Daily Express

David McClure’s book, The Queen’s True Worth: Unravelling the Public & Private Finances of Queen Elizabeth II, is serialised in the Daily Express ahead of its publication on September 17.


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I have run out of words to express how completely enraging it is that we have so many new cases daily six months into this pandemic. Trump’s incompetence is killing people. Every day.

Create your own UKIP manifesto by using The Daily Express to pick up dogshit

NEW: In a Sunday night letter, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have written to editors of the four major British tabloids - The Sun, Daily Express, Daily Mirror and Daily Mail - promising never to work with them again, barring all access into the future. The letter in full:

This evening Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan told the editors of four major British tabloids that they will never deal with them again. Their letter — written by representivies for the couple and sent to the Daily Mail, Express, Mirror and The Sun — can be read in full below👇🏻

The *Daily* Mail, despite its toxic columnists, is doing a much better job holding the government to account on its news pages than you might expect. Head & shoulders above the Telegraph, Express & Sun. The Mail on Sunday, meanwhile, remains a skip fire.

And whenever I see the Daily Express I hear Jeremy saying, “The Daily Mail, and its paramilitary wing, The Daily Express...”

For too long, the mainstream media has been allowed to get along with legitimising, mainstreaming and amplifying racism, from The Spectator to The Sun to The Daily Mail to The Times to The Express to The Telegraph. Time's up.

Create your own UKIP manifesto by throwing a wet copy of The Daily Express into a fan

The Daily Express reports that Arsenal are bidding for Cavani, Reus and Khedira. Also in for Usain Bolt, Jesus Christ and Gandalf.