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If you don't like Congress, vote for a different one. If you don't like the President, vote for a different one. There's no technocratic Daddy who is going to protect you from fellow citizens who disagree with you. That's just Mugwump snobbery. Democracy is messy. Deal with it.

Are you for real? My dad was a cop. I was first in family to go to college. Now I’m in Congress. @realDonaldTrump  was given daddy’s millions. And you’re a felon. Do the math.

My seven-year-old nonbinary scion Flonase came home from school today and said "Daddy, how come Green Book gets a Best Picture Oscar and the Green New Deal can't get a fair shake from our so-called Congress?"

Did Donald Trump Jr. tell Congress the same lie story Daddy and Michael Cohen agreed everybody would tell? All signs point to yes!

Sure, a bipartisan legislative coalition just bitch slapped your Daddy’s Administration on Yemen in retaliation for your bromance with Bone Saw bin Salman, but you’re *more than welcome* to act as CoS liaison to Congress. ?

Well clearly this issue (policy of forced separations) has been a huge disaster for the administration--people's disgust with a lying Sec of Homeland Security is palpable. Huckabees daddy is a racist fake Christian, clearly. Congress is supposed to hold the President in check.

The clan daddy, Jair, is a member of Congress and now running for President. He's avoided all debates and is signaling he won't participate in any. He's dumb, fragile and scared. So often, fascist movements are more psychological than political: driven by masculinity insecurity:

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I am not surprised because, during the mummy daddy government of Congress, Rahul Gandhi and Robert Vadra felt that mummy will save them and Karti Chidambaram felt that daddy will save him: , National Spokesperson, BJP #IndraniChidambaramVideo 

Daddy’s Girl. Ivanka Trump Tweets Dazzling Photo Prior to Joint Address of Congress