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Many families are keen to carry on cycling and cut their car use. A father from Bristol says "safety is a key concern" when he's with his daughter. Like many others, he'd like to see more #cycle  lanes to help them continue to feel confident

Common cycling injuries: treatment and prevention

VIDEO: Cycling has made recent inroads in the Tunisian capital, with women leading the peloton to achieve greater mobility and break gender norms as the coronavirus pandemic boosts the two-wheeled trend

We tracked down the original members of the squad now known as EF cycling'>Pro Cycling to find out what happend to Team Slipstream 2007

These bikes shine and are worth the investment if you're seriously into cycling.

Extra cash boost for ‘strong’ walking and cycling schemes

This weekend, the 4th of July sales are likely to provide some huge cycling deals. We've put together a huge deals roundup, broken down by category and ordered by price, along with a rundown of the best places to find your own cycling deals.

"To prevent thousands of unnecessary deaths and to reopen the economy, policymakers must act urgently to stop this daily cycling of thousands of people in and out of jails," writes @_Eric_Reinhart 

Starting on July 4, dozens of professional cyclists will take part in a virtual Tour de France over three weekends on a cycling platform known as Zwift.

With more data than ever availaible at your figertips, here's our picks of the best smartwatches for cycling.


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Morning workout with a cycling session....these wheels are on fire 🔥 😂💪🏼

COVID-19 will fundamentally change the way we travel around our city. That’s why today, @TfL  and I are announcing our plans to make central London one of the largest car-free zones in any capital city in the world, increasing walking and cycling and improving our air quality.

Bihar: Jyoti,who cycled around 1200 km carrying her injured father from Gurugram to their native place in Darbhanga,amid #COVID  lockdown,has been offered trial by Cycling Federation of India. She says,"I'm very happy that I got offer,will go to Delhi for trial next month".(22.05)

A woman from Uruguay was stopped by Police yesterday at Paschimi Marg in Vasant Vihar as she was cycling without wearing a pair of gloves or mask. She started arguing with Police and noted down the name of Police officer who asked her to wear gloves and mask: Delhi Police

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We'll make this country the best in the world for walking and cycling. How? ? ‍Safe cycle and walking routes to 10,000 primary schools ? Build 5,000km of cycleways ? Training for all primary school children & parents ⚡ Grants for e-bikes Real change.

When you see the 2004 generation of quarterbacks cycling out, you realize how many quarterbacks in this league will dominate for the next 15 years: Mahomes, Mayfield, Jackson, Tom Brady.

If you’re lucky enough to call him a friend, there’s someone there that’ll always have your back. Not one person that knows doesn’t know how much he deserves this. His loyalty & work ethic is something to aspire to in life, not just cycling. So proud of you mate.

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@NomHoran : @NiallOfficial  are you good at cycling”got a proper bike! And been using it for my rehab! It's good

Goodmorning! Whats goin on today? Feelin fresh today! Wana do the cycling road race in the olympics today!

good evening everyone! whats uo..what ya'll upta! im just at home now! gettin a bit of food! chillin watchin the cycling