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Cybersecurity: New hacking group targets IT companies in first stage of supply chain attacks

An international cybersecurity group has booted Huawei, in order to comply with US sanctions. Trouble is, that could expose all of us to more malware via @klintron 

FORCE FOR HIRE | Richard Clarke, cybersecurity adviser to President George W. Bush joins us this week and explains military contractors have helped and hurt U.S. national security. Google: iOS: Spotify:

A cybersecurity mistake compromised the data of an entire nation. Here's what businesses can learn. @Adam_K_Levin 

The deal for more than two dozen cybersecurity students from @DavenportU  and @grcc : Agree to work in government cybersecurity and you could get a scholarship to cover your tuition, living expenses and professional development trips.

Iowa Democrats are now proposing "satellite caucuses" -- voter-initiated, party-approved additional caucus sites -- as a way to accommodate cybersecurity concerns while expanding access to the caucus process, @tylerpager  scoops.

In promoting good cybersecurity, DHS' Cyber Chief called on government and industry to "Stop Selling Fear."


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Seems like a lot of the cybersecurity breaches happened under Obama and then have stopped. Why aren't Brennan, Morrell, Lynch, Holder, or Comey being asked or investigated about this?

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BREAKING: The House just voted to safeguard our elections. The SAFE Act will: 🗳️Replace outdated & vulnerable voting equipment 📝Mandate paper ballot voting & post-election audits 💻Create strict cybersecurity requirements for voting systems 2020 is coming. Let’s be prepared.

VERY IRONIC: "In 2010 video, Clinton lectured underlings on cybersecurity and guarding ‘sensitive information’"

Trump has authorized $20B for an aircraft carrier, money the Navy hoped to boost cybersecurity. He is spending billions on vanity projects (walls, aircraft carriers, jets, etc), while turning a blind eye to defending against another cyberattack.

'Presidential Executive Order on Strengthening the Cybersecurity of Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure' ➡️

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New ebola outbreak -- white house eliminates job of top official working on ebola. They kill iran nuke deal -- then zero out staffing on iran nuke proliferation. Now, after 2016 attack -- they kill top cybersecurity job just in time for 2018 midterms.

"Let’s not forget that in January 2017, a week before his presidential inauguration, Donald Trump announced that Giuliani would advise the incoming White House on cybersecurity issues."

Huh, I wonder why they would do that?: Obama's cybersecurity coordinator confirms Susan Rice ordered him to 'stand down' on Russian meddling

I can’t stress this enough. Eliminating the top White House cybersecurity official is a tremendously bad idea.

BREAKING: Cybersecurity firm says Russia-linked hackers are laying groundwork to spy on US Senate staff.