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Sounds like he doesn’t realize Tesla makes the vaccine machine for CureVac

CureVac B.V. $CVAC has filed to raise $100 million in an IPO of its common shares. The firm is developing a wide range of treatments, vaccines, and therapies based on messenger RNA technologies.

CureVac nabs Novartis exec to lead COVID vax work, as it also finally lands a full-time CEO

CureVac nabs a top Novartis scientist for CSO slot as mRNA vaccines seize the spotlight

CureVac Appoints Dr. Franz-Werner Haas as Chief Executive Officer and Dr. Igor Splawski as Chief Sc...

GlaxoSmithKline signs a deal potentially worth $1.1 billion with #biotech  company CureVac to research, develop, manufacture, and commercialize mRNA #vaccines .

$GSK is making a good investment here. CureVac is the shop Trump tried to buy, so rest assured it will be hot. RT Billionaire Dietmar Hopp steers his secretive Covid-19 biotech player to Nasdaq following major pact with GSK -

A five-year investment by Scottish Mortgage in German biotech CureVac looks to be fina coming good after UK drugs giant GlaxoSmithKline announced it had bought a near 10% stake in the Covid19 vaccine developer on a higher valuation. Read more @FundFanatic 


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Tesla, as a side project, is building RNA microfactories for CureVac & possibly others

Germany’s CureVac wins approval to start human trials of a novel coronavirus vaccine

Just updated the @nytimes  coronavirus vaccine tracker: The German company CureVac has started Phase I trials on its mRNA vaccine

CureVac's coronavirus vaccine candidate triggered immune response in animal tests

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@UvdLeyen  stands by her claim that German company CureVac could have a vaccine by the autumn. "The fact that other countries tried to buy that company showed they’re the front runner. They’re working on a patent that has already been approved.

CureVac, a German vaccines company, has already started its #COVID19  vaccine development programme. Clinical testing is estimated by June 2020. We are offering @CureVacAG  up to €80 million of financial support to scale up development and production. More ↓

German biopharmaceutical firm CureVac is at the center of an international dispute between Germany and the U.S., amid reports that Washington was trying to lure it to move its #coronavirus  vaccine research to the U.S. to gain access to a potential vaccine

Trump: We slashed red tape to develop vaccines and therapies as fast it can be done. Note: WH & German company CureVac deny that Trump tried to secure exclusive rights to a potential coronavirus vaccine, despite German govt & the company's main investor saying Trump did.

Germany's CureVac says low-dose coronavirus vaccine could allow for mass production

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