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How NY Gov. Cuomo's 'apologies' fail to recognize that power imbalances are at the root of sexual harassment (via @ConversationUS )

The investigators looking into sexual harassment claims against Gov. Cuomo have wide, sweeping powers and are paid as much as $750 per hour

Lt. Gov. Hochul ducks questions about Cuomo's sexual harassment scandals

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Gov. Cuomo's top aides 'enabled' sexual harassment, says accuser

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An aide to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo described more alleged instances of sexual harassment of her by the governor, such as touching her buttocks during a photo and routinely hugging her in the workplace

There are shocking new details from one of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's accusers. Her claims are the most serious sexual harassment allegations thus far. @DBrennanTV  reports.

“Mr. Cuomo — whose political power has weakened amid investigations into his handling of nursing homes during the pandemic and multiple allegations of sexual harassment — was unable to persuade lawmakers to include stricter requirements on eligibility.”

With Ninth Accuser, Andrew Cuomo Vaults Past the Al Franken Standard of Sexual Harassment

As New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) remains embroiled in sexual harassment allegations and his nursing home scandal, he decided to joke about his physical appearance while taking questions in his latest press briefing.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is being investigated after a series of women accused him of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior.


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I’m hearing from people in NY that Andrew Cuomo is considering a preemptive pardon for himself in the nursing home scandal. If true, maybe he goes for a two-fer and throw another pardon in there for the sexual harassment? #cuomo 

Is this #8  9 or 10? I can’t keep track anymore. Current Aide Accuses Andrew Cuomo of Sexual Harassment

Cuomo ex-aide accuses scandal-plagued NY governor of pervasive sexual harassment in bombshell essay #FoxNews 

If you're not calling for Andrew Cuomo to resign or be impeached, you never actually cared about sexual harassment – you just cared about helping the Democratic Party win elections.

Have senators Schumer or Gillibrand of New York weighed in on the terrible accusations regarding NY Gov Andrew Cuomo and the apparent sexual-harassment as well as cover-up of the death of thousands of elderly COVID patients in New York? If not why has the media not pressed this?

Wow. “None of the major news networks covered Boylan's sexual harassment claims [against Gov Cuomo] the day she went public with them.” Tara Reade knows the feeling.

It is so perfectly transparent that the new attempt to bowl over Cuomo over the sexual harassment stuff is a pure misdirect from the fact that he should be tossed (and perhaps prosecuted) for his covid policy and coverup.

Cuomo Is Accused of Sexual Harassment by a 2nd Former Aide - The New York Times

The establishment media only exists to serve, protect and defend Democrats!!! #LiberalPrivilege  Mainstream media ignores sexual harassment allegations against Gov. Andrew Cuomo | Fox News