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Cummings thought that letting the vulnerable die was the way to beat Covid 19, and that still seems to be the policy

New No 10 team take on Cummings' legacy of chaos and acrimony

cummings'>Dominic Cummings wanted to transform Whitehall into a dynamic machine run by specialists. But his reforms look less like creative destruction, more like idle vandalism

New No 10 team take on Cummings' legacy of chaos and acrimony

New No 10 team take on Cummings' legacy of chaos and acrimony

Check out "Elijah E. Cummings Democracy and Freedom Festival" @Eventbrite 

The media is also a part of "the blob" that cummings'>Dominic Cummings despised. His planned war on the papers and broadcasters did not come to pass either

Amazing food at Timbers Kauai Hualani’s. Got to meet chef cummings'>Zach Cummings and see the organic farm where this food was grown. All during my stay in this fab “resort bubble.” #hualanis 

Britain's civil service was regarded by cummings'>Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson's former adviser, as the true enemy


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There cannot be one rule for Dominic Cummings and another for the British people.

Why is so much money sent to the cummings'>Elijah Cummings district when it is considered the worst run and most dangerous anywhere in the United States. No human being would want to live there. Where is all this money going? How much is stolen? Investigate this corrupt mess immediately!

Someone please explain to Nancy Pelosi, who was recently called racist by those in her own party, that there is nothing wrong with bringing out the very obvious fact that cummings'>Congressman Elijah Cummings has done a very poor job for his district and the City of Baltimore. Just take...

Baltimore’s numbers are the worst in the United States on Crime and the Economy. Billions of dollars have been pumped in over the years, but to no avail. The money was stolen or wasted. Ask cummings'>Elijah Cummings where it went. He should investigate himself with his Oversight Committee!

Rep, cummings'>Elijah Cummings has been a brutal bully, shouting and screaming at the great men & women of Border Patrol about conditions at the Southern Border, when actually his Baltimore district is FAR WORSE and more dangerous. His district is considered the Worst in the USA......

So. @BorisJohnson  just said that ‘most people would accept and agree’ with what cummings'>Dominic Cummings did. Please answer and retweet. Do you accept and agree with what Dominic Cummings did?

There is nothing racist in stating plainly what most people already know, that cummings'>Elijah Cummings has done a terrible job for the people of his district, and of Baltimore itself. Dems always play the race card when they are unable to win with facts. Shame!

We heard that Donald Trump only cares about the big stuff that helps him personally. The question now is — what do we care about? The Constitution? Our oath of office? Or merely our party. In the words of cummings'>Elijah Cummings: We are better than that.

....a look, the facts speak far louder than words! The Democrats always play the Race Card, when in fact they have done so little for our Nation’s great African American people. Now, lowest unemployment in U.S. history, and only getting better. cummings'>Elijah Cummings has failed badly!

cummings'>Elijah Cummings spends all of his time trying to hurt innocent people through “Oversight.” He does NOTHING for his very poor, very dangerous and very badly run district! Take a look.... #BlacksForTrump2020