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Is @Ripple 's #XRP  a digital currency *or* a security that should be held to a highly regulated standard, as the SEC alleges it is? SEC commissioner @HesterPeirce  aka 'crypto mom' w/me LIVE 3:30pET coming up. I'll ask about that, + $PYPL's big "checkout w/crypto" launch

YUGE #crypto  news: @PayPal  $PYPL launching "Checkout w/Crypto" for @Bitcoin  @litecoin  @ethereumprojec  #BitcoinCash  & . SEC @HesterPeirceommi  #cryptomomh  aka mom joins me LIVE 3pET on @coinbasehat , plus accts 'drained' by bad actors. Is crypto safe or not? This you can't miss!

The SEC's 'Crypto Mom' Hester Peirce Hopes 2021 Will Be a Turning Point for Crypto Regulation in the US as She Says Authorities Are Spending Too Much Time on its Illegal Uses

Coming up on First Mover: • "Crypto Mom" @HesterPeirce  on bitcoin ETPs@NexoFinance 's @AntoniNexo  with market insights • @VBit_tech  CEO Don Vo on how bitcoin investors can use bitcoin mining to cut down your tax bill Tune in at 9 a.m. ET on .

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In today's DealBook newsletter: the return of penny stock mania; Google plans a big nationwide hiring spree; the latest thoughts from Hester Peirce, the "crypto mom" S.E.C. commissioner; and more

5/ Meanwhile, @HesterPeirce  , also known as Crypto Mom, has been a vocal advocate for the crypto space! 🥰 During her time as an SEC commissioner, she introduced a safe harbor to provide protection to digital assets

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Next on CoinDesk TV: SEC commissioner "Crypto Mom" @HesterPeirce  joins First Mover at 9 a.m. ET. We'll get her insights on the ongoing @Ripple  suit, DeFi regulation challenges and more. Watch#CDTV  live at .

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LIVE: Crypto Mom@HesterPeirce  says we're ready for an exchange-traded product. If we don't give institutions that want #bitcoin  a natural exchange-traded product, there are over-the-counter alternatives. Watch First Mover on .

SEC's 'Crypto Mom' demands clear rules for the industry via SeekingAlpha #news  #SeekingAlpha 

Canada Gets Its First Bitcoin ETF, ‘Crypto MomExplains Why U.S. Needs One Too #Bitcoin  #cryptocurrency  #$BTC


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@HesterPeirce  has noted that certain regulations at the SEC are very dated. She calls for the agency to move faster in certain areas, pointing to cryptocurrencies as one example. Tune in to First Mover live on Feb. 11 at 9 a.m. with "crypto mom":

"Crypto Mom" @HesterPeirce  came out strong against a recent SEC investigation into @UnikrnCo , saying the hefty fine levied could have a chilling effect on crypto's innovation. Stay up to date with the latest crypto and blockchain news, with @DanielK12516034 

IN DEPTH: It is possible that “Crypto MomHester Peirce could end up heading the SEC. Calm down: “possible” does not mean “probable,” and much is up in the air. @nikhileshde  games out the scenarios opened up by D.C. drama. @HesterPeirce  @SEC_News 

Lame 'Old' SEC Should've Approved a Bitcoin ETF Already, crypto mom'>Scolds Crypto Mom

Thoughtful commentary on crypto assets by on with some thoughts on the near-term & 2018 price potential for $BTC & $ETH. Also shocking reveal that 's mom has a account & owns . #Bitcoin