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Crypto is ‘not a fad’ says Morgan Stanley CEO Gorman, ‘It’s not going away’

Nasdaq’s CEO on crypto, valuations, and the ‘true digital transformation’ shaping the markets

You only have 2.5 months to reduce your 2021 crypto tax bill. Here’s everything that you need to know: by @shehan1212 

ICYMI: Crypto trading thrives in Nigeria despite official disapproval

“Moon blast” is a cliche. Even worse, it seems to be sponsored content tied to that stupid crypto ad campaign. Stop it. #MLB  #Fox  #ALCS  #RedSoxvsAstros 

Kraken’s Juthica Chou: Why crypto in mainstream will help shift to options and ETFs


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SpaceX launching satellite Doge-1 to the moon next year – Mission paid for in Doge – 1st crypto in space – 1st meme in space To the mooooonnn!!

Over the last 60 years, Visa has built a collection of historic commerce artifacts - from early paper credit cards to the zip-zap machine. Today, as we enter a new era of NFT-commerce, Visa welcomes CryptoPunk#7610  to our collection.

China’s authoritarian crackdown on crypto, including #Bitcoin , is a big opportunity for the U.S. It’s also a reminder of our huge structural advantage over China.

Dogecoin is the people’s crypto

Scammers & crypto should get a room

To be clear, I strongly believe in crypto, but it can’t drive a massive increase in fossil fuel use, especially coal

The true battle is between fiat & crypto. On balance, I support the latter.

Heard a rumor some crypto coin was pegging the dollar 🤣🤣

Just getting started in the crypto game...y'all got any advice??