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Delco man charged with murder in case of 2nd man’s body found in Mount Moriah Cemeterycrypt

Rudy Giuliani emerged from his crypt to say something stupid and racist

Coffin-filled crypt discovered 14 meters underground at the foot of #Egypt ’s stepped Saqqara pyramid. Read more:

Egyptian Egyptologist announces the discovery of a coffin-filled crypt 14 meters underground at the foot of the stepped Saqqara pyramid

Today's adventure in online dating: I just came across a friend's profile and his age is listed as 12 years younger than he really is and, I mean, I know if you're gay and over 40 and on a dating app, you're often treated like the Crypt Keeper, but 12 years is a bit much, no?

Notre-Dame's crypt reopens with an exhibition paying homage to Victor Hugo and its 19th-century reconstruction. @Crypte_Paris  #ExpoCrypte 


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Hey @SenatorHume , look what I found in the crypt: If Howard thought 15.4% super was good enough for politicians, why is 9.5% good enough for working Australians? Honestly, all pretty rich coming from an ex-banker who wants to suck the blood out of people’s retirement savings.

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Shot the last scene in the Salvatorecrypt today with @verschoo  directing Wow...

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Just when you thought the current crop of Conservatives was unprecedentedly awful, Norman Tebbit emerges from the crypt to call Hitler a lefty.

One stockpile of thousands of N95 masks was found in a cathedral’s crypt. Goldman Sachs donated 100,000 masks it said it had "procured in the wake of previous epidemics." And a health care union said it found 39 million more.

What makes this look real? Program & office names, such as the JQJ (IOC) crypt series, are real. Only a cleared insider could know them.

As the second-highest tide ever recorded swept through Venice, the crypt of Saint Mark’s Basilica has been flooded for the sixth time in 1,200 years

This little angel is the protector of the Crypt. Who thinks it’s a good idea to hide women & children near dead bodies when fighting The Night King?! He literally raises the dead. Tonight’s going to be rough on me #BattleOfWinterfell 

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Mummies in this Lithuanian crypt are so well preserved that scientists can practically give them medical checkups

At 89, anything with the word “crypt” in it is a real turnoff for me.