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Few more details: Vote was unanimous. (Of course). The Dec. 19 weekend will feature crossover games for all those schools who aren't in the championships game.

When does the inevitable SPAC - crypto crossover event occur?

VW seeks to lure buyers of some of the industry’s best-selling SUVs with a new compact ID.4 crossover

Here are the highest earning majors: Pharmacy Industrial and manufacturing engineering Chemical engineering Electrical engineering Mechanical engineering Notice the lack of crossover.

If you could bring any two story characters together for the ultimate crossover adventure, who's making the cut? 🤜🤛

‘From the bright lights of Tinsel Town to the hilltops of North Wales.' @RichardAArnold  has all the information on the most unlikely showbiz-football crossover… Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are interested in investing in Wrexham AFC🤔

Here's every angle of the all-electric VW ID.4 crossover that's coming to America by @kirstenkorosec 

Here’s every angle of the all-electric VW ID.4 crossover that’s coming to AmericaZpQzk9EMGo#WallSt 


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@BTS_twt  embodies K-pop's present and future crossover

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@KDTrey5  is way too tall to have a crossover this elite 😳

Leo and I wanna thank you for voting for me as favorite Latincrossover artist at the @latinamas  ?

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Marvel: "Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history." Me:

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This crossover is pure filth 🤮 (via @SLAM_HS )

The crossover move was too filthy ? (via ticket52/IG)

If you are registered No Party Preference (NPP) in California and want to vote for me, you need to request a Democraticcrossover ballot by TOMORROW, Feb. 25! Click here to request your Democratic crossover ballot:

"Aww jeez Rick, can you believe Hideo let us do this crossover?"