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We allow critics - of good and bad faith - to hang us by our own rope when we conflate objectivity of process with individual objectivity. Someone having or expressing an opinion does not mean they are not capable of providing fair and professional coverage on a topic

After Hollywood optioned his devastating essay about his dying wife, Matthew Teague vowed the movie would do right by her. The reviews landed like a gut punch. What happens when the critics hate a movie that’s about your life?

Biden’s free-college proposals could boost economy by $160 billion — critics say it would cost $600 billion

Bishop Oyedepo berates critics on his stance on coronavirus

@short_squeezer  @molonelabeW  @Tessa71910129  @Jackaroo_Tradeselcome  to my moron critics, they really can’t understand I LIKE buying pumps but I’m not gonna go along with the promoters BS, it astounds me the laziness out there but that’s why most traders lose

President Biden is calling for a $15 minimum wage in his $1.9 trillion fiscal stimulus plan, but critics say it could cost the economy millions of jobs.

Deal abrogation critics clinging to martial law mentality –Dela Rosa

President Biden is calling for a raise of the federal minimum wage to $15, but critics say it could cost the economy millions of jobs. "I worry that employers will stop paying benefits," @LHSummers  tells @DavidWestin  on this week's Wall Street Week.

The CRITICS said be serious it would never work SKEPTICS said just another twitter book google it FOOLS ALL OF THEM i didn't listen i waited for the reviews first they criticised ridiculed examined now they COPY. *amreading *bookclubs *authors *smm *ian1

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President Trump and his team are launching an unprecedented smear campaign against rivals, leveling wild and false allegations against critics in the media and politics, ranging from bizarre conspiracy theories to spreading lies about pedophilia and even murder. 1/

The Capitol riots are wrong. But the Trumpcritics using this as proof that every criticism they’ve ever lobbed at Trump/his supporters has been validated is absurd.

Germany has consistently been used by my obnoxious critics as the country that we should follow on the way to handle the China Virus. So much for that argument. I love Germany - Vaccines on the way!!!

‘K-POP King ’EXO’s ‘Obsession’ topped the Billboard ‘The 25 Best K-pop Songs of 2019: Critics' Picks’, while NCT 127, Red Velvet and SuperM respectively recorded no. 16, 18, and 25! ?? #EXO  #엑소 #NCT127  #RedVelvet  #레드벨벳 #SuperM  #슈퍼엠

Billboard critics chose the 25 best #Kpop  songs of 2019

Happy Father’s Day to all, including my worst and most vicious critics, of which there are fewer and fewer. This is a FANTASTIC time to be an American! KEEP AMERICA GREAT!

“Mainstream Media tries to rewrite history to credit Obama for Trump accomplishments. Since President Trump took office, the economy is booming. The stronger the economy gets, the more desperate his critics are. O had weakest recovery since Great Depression.”

Images of Ecuador's ambassador inviting the UK's secret police into the embassy to drag a publisher of--like it or not--award-winning journalism out of the building are going to end up in the history books. Assange's critics may cheer, but this is a dark moment for press freedom.

I will be introducing an amendment next week to block the President from punishing and intimidating his critics by arbitrarily revoking security clearances. Stay tuned.