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'SLEEPY, CREEPY, BEIJING BIDEN': "Not on your nelly, not happening," @SebGorka  slams Joe Biden calling for unity. [with Newsmax TV's @seanspicer  and @LyndsayMKeith  ]

Joe Biden will win some points from me if he rids himself of Pelosi and Schumer as part of a massive cleanup where Republicans toss in all the creepy Republicans in Florida and Lindsay Graham. Start acting like a GM to clean this swamp for the next generation.

This idea that everyone can relax and go to sleep and stop paying attention once the Good Parents, Joe & Kamala, are in charge is creepy and authoritarian but is exactly what happened on 1/20/2009 when the anti-war, civil liberties & anti-corporatist movement vanished overnight.

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser has sent a cease-and-desist order to a trailer park owner who sent a creepy letter to tenants threatening to increase rent if Joe Biden becomes president

He laughs. But it's another creepy (and ominous) Joe Biden moment:

CREEPY COCKTAILS: Mixologist Joe McCanta passes on his tips for adding terrifying touches to Halloween cocktails.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this, but a while back I realized Joe Buck looks increasingly like John Waters. And it’s creepy weird.


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In his own words folks... I give you Creepy Joe. This is the Democrat’s front runner?

Shockingly, the words "Tara Reade" are nowhere to be found in this @nytimes  puff piece on creepy @JoeBiden’s campaign. But don’t worry guys, there’s a lot of tough reporting in here like Joe having dinner with his wife and going on bike rides! 🙄

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Trump has been asking advisers if he should stick with his current nickname for Biden — “Sleepy Joe” — or try to coin another moniker, such as “Swampy Joe” or “Creepy Joe.” The president is not convinced that “Sleepy Joe” is particularly damaging...

1. The 3 🤣 emojis in the caption should indicate to anyone with a scintilla of common sense that I’m joking around. 2. If the media doesn’t want people mocking & making jokes about how creepy Joe is, then maybe he should stop the unwanted touching & keep his hands to himself?

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You would think there would be wall to walk coverage of this... but of course you’d be wrong because today’s media works for the DNC. I’m sure it’s totally improbable given that Joe is only creepy as hell 90/95% of the time.

That awkward, but expect a lot more of these from Creepy Joe. Biden Associate Says ‘Reclaiming Our Heritage’ Is Something Hitler Would Say. Here’s Joe Biden In 2011. | Daily Wire

It's stunning and impressive - and scary and creepy - how quickly and obediently Democratic establishment politicians have fallen into line like the mindless cattle and sheep they are behind Joe Biden.

I guess this is one of those “social norms” that’s never changing... right Creepy Joe???