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GormancreditsFredman with introducing her to the power of metaphor. But after hearing Gorman recite “The Hill We Climb,” the educator thought: “If we do it right, they become the teachers.”

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this is ONE part of a sweeping proposed outline that includes checks and tax credits. no clue what'll stay in or whether Dems will continue wooing Republicans. It is too soon to tell if it's time to get excited about the CTC becoming a monthly child benefit.

Indiana is one of 12 states WITHOUT tax credits for film or TV production. Do you want to see that change?

The process is taking more time than many Dem. leaders hoped. The checks are part of a complex and layered plan that includes increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour, expanding paid leave for workers and increasing tax credits for families with kids.

Cancelled my Audible subscription and have 15 credits to burn. What are your fav audiobooks?

#TaxPros can earn two CE credits by attending the #IRS  free webinar called ‘Tax Changes From a Tax Forms Perspective.’ For details:

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PPP borrowers can now claim 6 important tax credits — a major change from the original rule

I’m enjoying Wandavision even though I’m pretty sure I know how it’s going to go, but what’s with the six minutes of end credits on half hour episodes?

#TaxPros : Filing inappropriate claims for credits like EITC and ACTC may adversely affect both you and your clients. Be sure to practice due diligence: #IRS 

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@Andrew_Evans87  @simonmaginnW  @prospect_clarkork  has paid significantly better than benefits for almost everyone ever since tax credits were introduced. And £20pw extra on UC (which goes to people in and out of work) doesn't change that much.


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Horses that reportedly got traded today: Repubs demanded tax break for corporate meal expenses ("three martini lunches"). Dems agreed, in exchange for expanded tax credits for low income families & working poor Pretty much sums up the parties' priorities

The president credits himself with vaccine development. Moderna timeline shows it began working on a vaccine while the president was still denying the virus was spreading in the US.

These are just some of the unrelated demands Senate Democrats have used to slow relief for workers and families: ✖️ Taxcredits for solar and wind energy ✖️ Special treatment for Big Labor ✖️ Airlines' emissions standards This is a crisis. Why is only one side acting like it?

#ShawnMendesTheAlbum  packaging & credits. Thank you x

Speaker Pelosi's bill: -$300M for public broadcasting -New tax credits for wind and solar -Green New Deal standards on airlines -Federal takeover of elections Let's focus on addressing the problem and fighting the virus, not liberal pet projects.

United Airlines refuses to give me refunds on 2 cancelled flights. Says I have to take credits against future flights. Anyone else being ripped off like this? As taxpayers we’re bailing out the airline — a double rip-off.

Arts and crafts at my son preschool looking like #GameOfThrones  opening credits