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Culinary creator. Cocktail curator. Co-host. When it comes to Jade Verette, aka @jadeofalljades , things are heating up with this budding entrepreneur!

Dear White PeoplecreatorJustin Simien is always asked, "What if there was a Dear Black People?" So he made one.

“The a very strange and awful place a lot of the time if you are black.” @MichaelaCoel , creator and star of #IMayDestroyYou , is @annemcelvoy ’s latest guest on “The Economist Asks” podcast

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“It’s a scary word: responsibility.” On “The Economist Asks” podcast, @MichaelaCoel , creator of #IMayDestroyYou , talks to @annemcelvoy  about how she found her power after surviving sexual assault

Creator@missdarcie  has carved out a niche by not conforming to stereotypes. #DTLive  For her full interview ->

Mind. Blown. Hands up who needs a sit-down after tonight's #IMay DestroyYou? 🙌 @sophiedukebox  talks to I May Destroy You's writer, director and creator, @MichaelaCoel  about the final episodes of the series

'Malcolm & Marie' is the latest project by 'Euphoria'creatorSam Levinson.

Still so impressed that Tyler, the Creator popped up on the Westside Gun album and Freddie's record in quick succession and killed both features like they were made for him. Versatile.

The creator of The Wire@AoDespair  on his new Philip Roth adaptation, The Plot Against America, and why November's election is the most important of his life

It's the tale of #Upload  and #SpaceForce , two very different shows on two different streaming platforms from one prolific creator


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This marching band got Tyler the Creator’s “EARFQUAKE” down perfectly ?

Biden’s 245 word,97 second long Fourth of July statement may be the most anti-American speech ever given by an American presidential candidate. He omits the Creator in his shortened version of the Declaration of Independence.

Anyone wondering what the creator of the Confederate flag wanted it to symbolize? This is him in his own words. #ENDOFDISCUSSION 

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? We are sad to share the news of the passing of Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of SpongeBob SquarePants. Today, we are observing a moment of silence to honor his life and work. ?

Jalaiah, creator of Renegade, performs at the NBA All-Star Game!

I grew up. I changed my content. I apologized countless times for my shitty offensive jokes. instead of dragging me down people should use me as an example of a creator who can CHANGE and better themselves and their content. i’m so proud of who i am today.

Why put actor, model, singer, dancer, writer, creator in your bio when you can just put unemployed?

On this day of prayer, we once again place our hopes in the hands of our Creator. We give thanks for this wondrous land of liberty, & we pray that THIS nation – OUR home – these United States – will forever be strengthened by the Goodness and the Grace & the eternal GLORY OF GOD!

'SpongeBob SquarePants' fans are petitioning for the NFL to play "Sweet Victory" during the SuperBowl halftime show as a tribute creatorStephen Hillenburg:

This Tyler, the Creator acceptance speech is required watching ✊