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The 827 new #coronavirus  cases in Mass. reported Monday marks the highest one-day total since May, but the positivity rate still isn't crazily high. Looking on the bright side, or trying to. via @BostonGlobe 

Facebook's throttled my video! Crazily, Facebook lets activists at "Climate Feedback” censor. It’s shocking how UNFAIR their “fact check” process can be. Here their scientists tell me they hadn’t even watched my video!

@moorehn  @AlexMLeoIt’s a super interesting story - there was a crazily wrong belief in the 1970s that the US was about to have a huge surplus of doctors, so there was a moratorium on new medical schools beginning in 1980, which led to the osteopath boom

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Jason Yu’s dream of opening an ice cream shop in the Mission is melting. He’s sunk $150,000 and 16 months into the effort with nothing to show for it. This is normal in a city which makes opening a small business crazily difficult. @hknightsf 's column:

My latest: Jason Yu’s dream of opening an ice cream shop in the Mission is melting. He’s sunk $150,000 and 16 months into the effort with nothing to show for it. And this is normal in San Francisco which makes opening a small business crazily difficult.

Yes. It’s that time of night. The crazily, insane tipping segment! Tonight’s tips are being selected on the basis of an irritating supporter of the club they’re tipping. Confused? Tune in & join in the hilariously fun banter! 😂 #AFLCatsTigers  #Footyology 

Today’s @SundayTimesFood  is all about comfort - from luscious baked puddings by @ChefTomKerridge  to crazily hearty @mattymatheson  sandwiches, plus @MarinaOLoughlin  verdict on Moor Hall, @jennylinford  polls the world on comfort classics +++

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I love this - Foster rips off his own Reichstag building, which in a perfect political metaphor claims to be transparent but actually offers you crazily distorted reflections of the reality inside...

Meanwhile, the Flames are absolutely falling apart against the Stars and this is really frustrating how the momentum has shifted so crazily so quickly

Do I know anyone who’s a pro when it comes to Master slides, themes, etc. in PowerPoint? I’m working on a master template for a client and there are some things that are crazily easy in Keynote that seem very difficult / potentially impossible in PP. Would love to speak to you!


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If fuel price is fully deregulated and not crazily taxed, petrol will be ~20Rs/litre (at current crude prices)

How can it be fair that a 5-mile bus journey in London costs £1.50 and is almost six quid elsewhere in England? Our investigation into a crazily fragmented private free-for-all in desperate need of reform

I have this thing where I crazily avoid big box office movies people enjoy. Like i go out of my way to not watch them. I don’t know why. I don’t think I’m better than them. It’s a weird movie disease I have

When you have no core set of principles, you’d crazily put Chinese businesses ahead of an American worker. Or something is in it for you. I’ll break it down on show with hosting.

This is how Arkansas crazily converted 4th and 25 in OT. What a lateral!

yo @ConnorFranta  is so crazily close to raising $200,000 for The Thirst Project. go donate if you haven't already!

Any suggestions of games for tonight's #VampsAtMidnight  twitcam? fav if you want us in sports clothes. RT if you want us to dress crazily

For the crazily 7 Emmy noms i got today, I want to thank New York City. Best backdrop, crews, actors, smell. I Love you NYC.