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1, my DMs are closed 2, vaush has been booked for some time now 3, you are right sam seder is a coward

Don, Jr. took a “hunting” trip to Mongolia last year. He illegally shot a rare sheep using a coward’s laser-sighted rifle. He used his political connections to avoid punishment for this heinous and depraved crime. And then he sent taxpayers a $77,000 bill.

My thanks to yet another reprehensible coward who used a national platform this morning to mock stuttering -- *stuttering*. He inspired me to donate to @ASHAWeb , just one of the great organizations helping families and children with the challenge, and the pain, of stuttering. 👊

Phasmophobia taught me (and my friends) that I’m a rat-bastard coward who would leave them all to die

Seeing Kristen Scott Thomas in Noel Coward’s Hayfever is one of my fav theatre outings

Phasmophobia taught me (and my friends) that I’m a rat-bastard coward who would leave them all to die

You should be reading @BrandyZadrozny , one of the best journalists out here, period. She reports on how political hatred and false conspiracies spread and metastasize. @TuckerCarlson  is a coward for targeting her during tonight’s edition of his white-supremacist propaganda hour.

Rs not debating Ds in Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama Senate races (no debate in Michigan either so far) Jones on Tuberville: “He's proven that he’s a quitter at his job, and now he’s proven he’s just kind of a coward@marianne_levine ⁩

Daniel Cameron is a liar and a coward for siding with killer cops over Breonna Taylor. We don't need to hear a single thing from Cameron right now unless he's recusing himself from the case and appointing a special prosecutor. SIGN THE PETITION:

@johnjcook  Look at what an absolute idiot, liar and clown you are, John, every time you mention me and my statements: See also below tweets: Literally every time you mention me it's to lie about what I think: & don't be such a coward next time by not tweeting @ me .


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8/9 He cannot understand selflessness because he is selfish. He cannot conceive of courage because he is a coward. He cannot feel duty because he is disloyal.

Trump fired tear gas and rubber bullets on peaceful protestors so he could get a photo opp in front a church that didn’t want him there, holding a Bible from which he cannot name a single verse, all to prove he’s not a coward hiding in his bunker again. A perfect encapsulation.

He is telling people to get tough from his “bunker.” Coward in Chief

A true patriot is someone who will rebel against the government if it becomes necessary, to protect the greater good of their fellow citizens. We are patriots. If you are not, you are a coward. THIS is what democracy looks like.

You’re a coward and a racist and just like everything else you’ve ever attempted in your life, A COMPLETE AND UTTER FAILURE. I can’t wait to vote you out in November. Maybe you’ll see the results from your baby bunker

This is the guy that the media and left just spent days telling us was a coward hiding in his basement. RT if you agree that this is what leadership looks like! #MAGA 

“The circus is coming to town. The corrupt, compromised, coward & congenital liar Adam Schiff Show on Capital Hill, brought to you by his raging psychotic Democrats & the top allies in the Media Mob. Everything you’re going to see in the next two weeks is rigged.....

Pretty pathetic. Mr. Trump is a coward who tears down others to make himself feel powerful.

so aldo is out of the @TheNotoriousMMA  fight... rib injury??????? i say coward