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"Since Covid hit, the amount of people in need of food has gone up," said the founder of the nonprofit Latinos Progresando. "A lot of these things were there but Covid exposed it. Nobody can deny it. You can’t look away."

"When Covid hit, we closed temporarily and I’m not someone who cries easily but that day I was so emotional. I felt so worried for our livelihoods and those of our 150 colleagues," said Claire Scanlan, co-founder & operations director of Jump Juice Bars

Half of Singapore consumers prefer to shop local to help Covid-hit firms: Survey

EU banking watchdog revives relief measures for COVID-hit loans - Reuters

The Royal Commission made clear this Govt's horror record on disability. In a sign of contempt, the PM put serial bungler Stuart Robert in charge of the disability safety net. When COVID hit the Morrison Govt failed to protect Australians w. disability.

Prestigious #Goncourt  prize announced giving Covid-hit bookstores a much-needed boost

Crossrail has secured a £825m loan from Westminster to complete London's over-budget and much delayed train line. The city's Covid-hit businesses will foot the bill for the additional costs with the extension of business rate levies, reports @ojngill 

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Word trivia: which Covid-hit racing driver is an anagram of 'Oh, I'll win, mates!'?

ECLGS 2.0 'more than enough' to stabilise covid-hit firms: CRISIL @anuproy05  reports


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Pre-Thanksgiving rush in Covid era at Phoenix airport: "This is about as crowded as it was before COVID hit," said Ed Westerfield, before boarding a flight to Puerto Vallarta. "This is just jam-packed."

The unemployed were forced to live on $40 a day BEFORE COVID hit. Why was the rate lifted during the pandemic after the government spent yes arguing it WAS enough to live on while you look for work, pay bills, rent, feed your family etc. The price of those things didn’t go up 🤷🏻‍♀️

"Successful Republican policies put American workers in the driver’s seat before COVID hit. We’ve done it before, and we will do it again, by enhancing medical security, growing manufacturing jobs, and putting us back in front on a global scale." @GOPLeader  & @RepKevinBrady  ↓

“COVID hit, we panicked. We made something great happen" -- Could #COVID19  shelter hotels be a model for addressing #homelessness ? by @jeffreybgray  via @globeandmail  #sdoh  #HarmReduction 

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The economy was already devastated before COVID hit India. The BJP Govt failed to find a solution back then and continues to fail even today.

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I've often gone to where the news is. That was my job. Sometimes I just happened to be In a place that became a dateline. When COVID hit the U.S., I was in New York. I then came to Texas a few weeks back. This is one story, however, I would be happier watching from New Zealand.

Even before COVID hit India, crores of people were rendered jobless under the Modi Govt. BJP was unable to create jobs then and will do no better even today. #6YearsIndiaInTears 

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"Even before COVID hit, too many people in power were too comfortable with other people’s deaths," says @RevDrBarber . The pandemic is "not just going to hurt poor people ... it’s going to continue to spread throughout the rest of the society."

2/ Trump's terms are pretty clear. Blue states must comply with ICE demands; Social Security and Medicare must be defunded and no more taxes on investment income in return for allowing COVID hit states to keep functioning.