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Early window games offering some head scratchers. @KStateFB  never turns it over right? They are today and being steamrolled @wvu  @ClemsonFB  coming from well behind within 2 of BC. @MSU_Football  up 3 at The Big House on @UMichFootball  wow! During the Covid era, it’s a crapshoot!

In today’s COVID era, skill-building is more crucial than ever. More from our Publishing Partner, Facebook Blueprint

Had an extensive interview with @EconomicTimes  on a wide range of subjects, including India’s reform trajectory, furthering economic growth and the opportunities ahead in a post-COVID era. Do read.

Leading UAE cities Abu Dhabi and Dubai are on a rapid economic growth trajectory and in the post-COVID era both the cities are fully geared to maintain their momentum and the hub status for the region

In the COVID era, the workforce is facing an economy in which training and stretching skill sets could mean the difference between getting, keeping or losing a job. More from our Publishing Partner, Facebook Blueprint

#Halloween may look a little different this year as communities across the country are finding ways to keep kids safe in the COVID era. We’ve got some simple advice to help adults prepare this Halloween. ➡️ by @PernaBrittany 

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Alan Alda Speaks Out Against Donald Trump’s Willful Denial Of Science In The COVID-Era: “At This Moment, We Are All On Fifth Avenue

A tale of two covid-era campaigns: In Tampa, Donald Trump is firing up a mostly maskless crowd crammed shoulder-to-shoulder. In Broward, Joe Biden is at a drive-in rally where mask wearing is near universal and the lectern is sanitized between speakers.

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It's a Halloween experience tailored for the current COVID era where everyone participating remaining socially distanced inside their vehicles.


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The pace of recovery from the coronavirus pandemic will determine the path of GDP growth, productivity, inflation, and financial market returns long after a potential vaccine is found. Morgan Stanley outlines 4 scenarios for the economy in the COVID era.

Thank you, @PresRajapaksa ! I too look forward to jointly reviewing our bilateral relationship comprehensively. We must explore ways to further enhance our cooperation in the post-COVID era.

"Have you ever been to an event like this?" A drive-in town hall with Joe Biden – one of the most creative solutions to the Covid era any of us have seen

We are at a fork in the road. One leads to pre-Covid era of savage inequality & climate breakdown, the other to a post-carbon future #Reset  report from all party Green New Deal group which I co-chair shows strong support for a greener, fairer Britain#GreenNewDeal 

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I cannot believe that we in the U.S. have just entered our 6th month of quasi lock-down, tens-of-thousands-dead, millions-of-jobs lost, school-on-zoom COVID era, with no end in sight. It did not have to be this way. September 1 feels exactly like March 15th. So depressing.

Unanticipated blessings of the covid era: children at home, walks with my wife, no suits or ties (except in 5-minute moments for tv hits), no travel, and running again. Grateful.

Spoke to PM @Statsmin  about the COVID-19 pandemic, and how India and Denmark can strengthen cooperation in the post-COVID era.

Had an extensive meeting with CMs. Each CM shared their perspective on battling COVID-19. We discussed the way ahead in the post-COVID era, the challenges in healthcare, education and other sectors.

One more rivalry added to cricket it seems! Sweat vs Saliva! Binga and I discuss cricket in the COVID Era and the impact it shall have on the way the game is played. @BrettLee_58  Listen in! 🔈 #100MBExclusive