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Three grim pieces of Covid-19 news today: - UK says new strain is more deadly - Top German epidemiologist @Virology_Bonn  reckons infection rate won't fall as weather improves - Diagnostics expert t @FTlls  test-and-trace will continue "well into 2027 or 2030"

BREAKING: Positive Covid tests fall for first time since early December, Test and Trace figures show

PHE data backs up Test and Trace figures to show Covid infections fell in every region and age group except toddlers last week

Why does the UK have the highest COVID death rate? Dr Hilary shares a number of reasons from our obesity crisis, our failure to track and trace effectively and not lock-downing harder and quicker.

Latest Test and Trace stats: 330,871 people tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) at least once in England 7 January to 13 January, a 15% decrease week on week. The first decrease in the number of people testing positive since the start of December 2020.

@bnzmagsambol  The DOH says it was able to trace 213 contacts of the Filipino w/ the UK COVID-19 variant: - 159 co-passengers (8 tested positive for COVID-19) - 49 close contacts (47 swabbed, 1 positive for COVID-19) - 5 household members - (2 positive for COVID-19, GF & mother) | @bnzmagsambol 

New York City’s hospital network is supporting its ongoing Test and Trace COVID campaign with an influencer strategy to get more young Americans tested and following regulations.

New York City’s hospital network is supporting its ongoing Test and Trace COVID campaign with an influencer strategy to get more young Americans tested and following regulations.

The Wisconsin-made “Trace the Line" is a feature film that reflects 2020 both in the way it was made using COVID-19 protocols, as well as responding to the Black Lives Matter protests of last summer.

Matt Hancock self-isolating after receiving alert from Covid-19 track and trace app


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Kate Bingham, heads Britain’s vaccine task force. No experience in that area. She’s a venture capitalist. Married to a Tory minister. Dido Harding leads Test & Trace. No experience in that area. Married to a Tory MP. Mike Coupe, head of COVID testing. No experience etc etc etc

So we have the ability to trace interactions between individuals with COVID-19 but not Jeffrey Epstein's pedophile ring?

We know what works against COVID and it isn’t denial. Wear a mask. Socially distance. Wash your hands often. Test and trace. And listen to scientists.

If the private sector after all this time and 12 billion quid hasn't produced a functioning test and trace system, it isn't going to. It would make sense to nationalise the response to Covid now, rather than after next summer's riots.

Absolutely damning data on the complete failure to follow Covid-19 guidelines in the UK • Only 18% of people self-isolate after developing symptoms • Only 11% quarantine after being told by NHS Test and Trace that they’ve been in contact with a confirmed case

Dido Harding has a job - to provide a Test and Trace service. She's failed. Serco has failed. Deloitte has failed. In a real free-market economy they would lose their contracts and their jobs. But Covid has created a social-welfare economy where only the elite can take part.

So how’s our “world-beating” test and trace system coming along? Well, it’s uncovered a new Covid outbreak — in one of its own call centres (Motherwell, Lanarkshire). Plus it could all be illegal — ministers failed to carry out privacy assessment, as required by GDPR laws.

PM can’t be allowed to get away with this Fudging question of why *two thirds* of those with Covid-19 haven’t been contacted via test & trace is so weak So no, this is *not* “formidable achievement” - it’s a damning indictment on a scheme that’s far from “world beating” #PMQs 

The government is clearly hoping that, because 999 out of 1000 Brits haven't died from Covid_19, most will support an easing of lockdown, even without Test & Trace fully functional & poor local data. With 8,000 new infections a day, it's a huge gamble, politically & virologically

UK Covid death total now consolidated as among the worst. ONS revealed excess deaths now huge, boosting overall death toll. Gov. failed for 3rd day to hit test target. Senior advisers admit test/trace dropped because not capacity. Feet should be being held to fire. They're not.