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Did India get its COVID vaccine strategy wrong?

Y'days Post: How most of the West got the pandemic so badly wrong? A new article shows the eradication (zero-COVID) strategy to be clearly superior. But what is really shocking about European politicians is their failure to learn to lock down fast and hard

In today's Brussels Edition: The European Commission's industrial strategy, semiconductors plan, and its proposal for Covid treatments

Town in Japan builds giant squid with Covid-19 relief funds as part of a "long-term strategy" to increase tourism, local government official says.

Dr. Rahul Pandit of Maharashtra COVID Task Force explains how Mumbai's COVID situation is showing improvement. Ramping up testing, containtment strategy, jumbo COVID facilities & oxygenation plan are steps that are showing results. @ShereenBhan  @fortis_hospital  @DisasterMgmtMum 

"By today a strategy seemed to be emerging. There will be more measures put in place to screen people for COVID before they travel. There will be an initial run of Government evacuation flights, meaning the need for more room at Howard Springs. " - @latingle  #abc730  #auspol 

@DrMichelleBIO  sends letter to President Biden proposing the establishment of a COVID Global Strategy for Harnessing Access Reaching Everyone (SHARE) Program in response to the “worsening COVID crises in India, Brazil and elsewhere.”

• PH authorities aim to generate herd immunity from COVID-19 in Metro Manila and 6 surrounding provinces by November, an official leading the coronavirus vaccination strategy says

Maine’s first mass COVID-19 vaccination site to close as state shifts immunization strategy @joelawlorph  has your pandemic main.

Denmark has announced new steps in its Covid strategy to reopen society, with the spread of the virus deemed under control and its use of a “corona pass” certificate.


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I'm not an expert on American politics. The Republican Party claims to represent the working class. Help me understand what parts of Biden's Covid relief package are bad for working people? Sincere question. I'm just trying to understand the logic & strategy. Honestly dont get it

Govt of India announces liberalised & accelerated Phase 3 strategy of COVID-19 vaccination from May 1; everyone above the age of 18 to be eligible to get vaccine

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Reviewed the COVID-19 and vaccination related situation across the country. Reiterated the importance of the five fold strategy of Testing, Tracing, Treatment, Covid-appropriate behaviour and Vaccination as an effective way to fight the global pandemic.

In Parliament, I just highlighted that countries that pursued a Zero Covid strategy had 0 deaths in January, while the UK had 32,000+. Matt Hancock replied criticising *their* strategy. Incredible arrogance from a man who's overseen 100,000+ deaths.

A lot of people seem to be just finding out that Florida’s COVID strategy largely has been fuck it. Florida has been wide open for most of the pandemic.

It's hard to have much faith in our President's ability to fight COVID when he calls his alleged strategy "herd mentality", not herd immunity. Shocking incompetence.

It is now clear that the Democrats will try to ride the Covid epidemic into the White House come November. The key to the strategy to defeat President Trump is to keep schools closed through this year.

Denying reality is a losing strategy. The White House must face facts. The national COVID situation is out of control.

Today was the 4th interaction with CMs. We continued discussions on COVID-19 containing strategy as well as aspects relating to increased usage of technology, reforms and more.

China fears a second wave of COVID-19 may be starting again in Wuhan, so they are testing all 11 MILLION residents. In ten days! That’s more tests than Americans have had in 4 months because @realDonaldTrump  has failed to implement a national testing strategy.