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Concerns about the mortality associated with the so-called “Nigerian variant” of Covid-19 have been expressed on social media - and in the news. But the total number of cases is too small to draw conclusions from right now.

This is a scandal. Where did the $ all go? Oversight please. Trump administration awarded a firm $1.3 billion to make Covid vaccine syringes. Where are the syringes? - NBC News

The Premier is self-isolating after a close contact of his tested positive for COVID. PLUS: A possible provincial pivot on paid sick days. Here's your 680 NEWS TO GO with @LauraMCarney  and @Cook680News . #torontonews  Listen LIVE:

Sky News host Catherine McGregor says she finds no “rational explanation” that an ANZAC day march must be capped at 8,000 due to COVID-19 restrictions but a footy game is allowed to host 75,000 people.

#NewsAlert | Delhi Govt issues clarification on the discrepancy between the Covid death rates shown by MCD & Delhi Govt. Outsiders who're coming for treatment & die during the course are also being cremated in Delhi: Delhi Govt Sources. News analysis by Mohit, Prashant.

Trevena shares rise 10% on selection of TRV027 in global COVID-19 trial via SeekingAlpha #news  #SeekingAlpha 

Listen to "Morning Report: Wednesday, April 21, 2021" by WBZ-AM via #spreaker . Heavy police presence in Worcester, trouble brewing for Boston Police and mandatory covid tests in Newton. 5 minutes of news that will keep you in "The Loop".

#CovidAlarmForKisan | States impose lockdown, public isolates themselves. But farmers demand ‘COVID free pass’. Priyank analyses the news.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford isolating after staff member tests positive for COVID-19 | CBC News


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The number of cases and deaths of the China Virus is far exaggerated in the United States because of @CDCgov ’s ridiculous method of determination compared to other countries, many of whom report, purposely, very inaccurately and low. “When in doubt, call it Covid.” Fake News!

Covid, Covid, Covid is the unified chant of the Fake News Lamestream Media. They will talk about nothing else until November 4th., when the Election will be (hopefully!) over. Then the talk will be how low the death rate is, plenty of hospital rooms, & many tests of young people.

The Fake News is not talking about the fact that “Covid” is running wild all over the World, not just in the U.S. I was at the Virtual G-20 meeting early this morning and the biggest subject was Covid. We will be healing fast, especially with our vaccines!

Fake News always “forgets” to mention that far fewer people are dying when they get Covid. This is do to both our advanced therapeutics, and the gained knowledge of our great doctors, nurses and front line workers!

The Fake News Media is riding COVID, COVID, COVID, all the way to the Election. Losers!

Until November 4th., Fake News Media is going full on Covid, Covid, Covid. We are rounding the turn. 99.9%.

The Fake News Media refuses to discuss how good the Economy and Stock Market, including JOBS under the Trump Administration, are doing. We will soon be in RECORD TERRITORY. All they want to discuss is COVID 19, where they won’t say it, but we beat the Dems all day long, also!!!

“COVID-19 (China Virus) Death Rate PLUNGES From Peak In U.S.” A Tenfold Decrease In Mortality. The Washington Times@WashTimes  Valerie Richardson. We have the lowest Mortality Rate in the World. The Fake News should be reporting these most important of facts, but they don’t!

The Far Left Fake News Media, which had no Covid problem with the Rioters & Looters destroying Democrat run cities, is trying to Covid Shame us on our big Rallies. Won’t work!