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The American Rescue Plan has the support of: 7 in 10 Americans Over 400 mayors from both parties 150+ business executives Yet Republicans are organizing to oppose the next round of COVID-relief. Make no mistake: We will pass the bold COVID response Americans need.

We are working to quickly pass the American Rescue Plan and deliver urgent, bold COVID relief to Americans across the country.

Fewer Americans filed new claims for unemployment benefits last week amid falling COVID-19 infections, but the near-term outlook for the labor market is unclear after winter storms wreaked havoc across the South

VP Harris addresses concerns that some Black Americans have had about Covid-19 vaccines, encouraging them to get the shot despite historical skepticism of the medical field: "Get your vaccination when it is your turn."

Black Americans cite Tuskegee and a notorious syphilis study for mistrust in Covid-19 vaccines. Here's what the people of Tuskegee had to say. “I don’t think it’s a good vaccine. They just don’t want to tell us the truth.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's top infectious disease expert, is urging Americans not to be choosy with which COVID-19 vaccine they get. In an interview, Dr. Fauci said that being selective when it comes to vaccines “is not a good idea.” Full story at:

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A CDC-back tool previously used to help Americans find flu vaccines has been repurposed to show where COVID-19 vaccines are available by zip code.

5 Travel Stocks to Buy as Americans Hit the Road: Travel stocks are expected to enjoy a massive tailwind as more Americans are immunized against COVID ... and Wall Street knows it. ^ > @Kiplinger  #PFP  #CFP  #Wealth 

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We are proud to be a Founding Partner of “It’s Up to You” in partnership with the @AdCouncil  and @COVID__Collab . Together we’re ensuring that Americans are informed about the COVID-19 vaccines. Get the facts: .

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Black, Hispanic Americans twice as likely as whites to need Covid stimulus checks just to 'get by': Survey via CNBC #news  #CNBC 


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5 people dead in the Capital riot, which is terrible and Trump lit the fuse. BUT...400,000 Americans will be dead of COVID-19 by 2/1/21. How many could have been saved if Donald Trump had just PUT ON A MASK AND LED BY EXAMPLE? There's your 25th Amendment.

I just checked. While the U.S. and South Korea had their first Covid-19 cases and deaths in February, more than 225,000 Americans have died from the virus since then. South Korea, a country of 55 million, has had fewer than 500 deaths. They controlled the virus. The U.S. didn't.

By this weekend, A QUARTER OF A MILLION AMERICANS WILL BE DEAD OF COVID-19. Trump doesn’t talk about it or tweet about it. Only the election. Which he lost.

850 Americans died of COVID-19 yesterday. None got the special “antibody cocktail.”

Americans killed in World War I: Over 116,000 Americans killed in Vietnam War: Over 58,000 Americans killed in Korean War: Over 36,000 Americans killed by the coronavirus: Over 242,000 The COVID-19 pandemic is a humanitarian disaster. Please wear a mask.

BTW, since you won't hear the news anywhere on TV today. 1,170,093 Americans have recovered from Covid-19 We. Are. Going. To. Win.

Instead of fighting to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic that has killed over 242,000 Americans, the Trump administration is spending its final days in office fighting a bogus voter "fraud" problem that does not exist. Pathetic. The Biden-Harris Administration cannot come soon enough.

Remember when @realDonaldTrump  emerged from 4 days in hospital to say: “Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life.” Tell that to 55,191 Americans who came down w/ it yesterday & the families of 961 Americans who died from Covid yesterday. Our deepest condolences.

Trump knew in February. He knew that COVID-19 passes through the air. He knew it is deadlier than the flu. He knew it is dangerous to more than just our elderly and vulnerable. He purposely downplayed the pandemic. And now, 190,000 Americans are dead.

I am allocating $2.96 BILLION in Emergency Solutions Grants to support homeless Americans and those at risk of becoming homeless because of job or wage loss, or illness due to COVID-19. We are taking care of our Nation’s most vulnerable citizens. Thanks @SecretaryCarson !