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Shopping online today? Advertisers are following you on the web. Test your browser to see what information about your online activities can be seen and collected by ad trackers, and get tips on how to combat them with EFF's "Cover Your Tracks" tool:

To cover its tracks as it backs the highly abusive Libyan rebel commander Haftar, the United Arab Emirates is reportedly financing the shadowy Russian mercenary Wagner group. Yet Trump still wants to sell the UAE billions in arms.

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5 More Ways Joe Biden Magically OutperformedElection Norms // tl;dr Not only was there fraud on a massive national scale, fraud was executed with unprecedented precision right down to ensuring the loss of house and senate seats to cover tracks 🤪🤓🙄

A former Suffolk police officer first threw away evidence, then when questioned about it, tried to fake it and cover his tracks. Full story here:

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Planning to shop online for the holidays? Find out how ad trackers will be watching and following you and learn a few tricks to throw them off with EFF's Cover Your Tracks tool:

A doctor involved in giving a fatal overdose to an 11-month-old girl at a Surrey hospital has denied having altered records to cover her tracks.

Over a decade ago, we launched Panopticlick. Today, we're rereleasing it with big updates as "Cover Your Tracks." Learn more about browser fingerprinting and tracking, no matter your level of expertise, and see how well you are protected from it.

Ad trackers are following you on the web. Find out how your browser leaks information about you, and ways to fix that with EFF Cover Your Tracks tool:

Today, we released Cover Your Tracks (formerly Panopticlick), which aims to make browser fingerprinting and tracking more understandable to the average user. Check it out today!

Curious about Cover Your Tracks's history, and its past life as Panopticlick? Read our blog post on how Panopticlick changed.


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"Don't worry, if he is defeated, Trump will never seek to delegitimize U.S. democracy just to protect himself and cling to power..." "Don't worry, he would never fire high level officials who he does not feel are sufficiently loyal to cover his tracks after an election defeat..."

Critical race theory helps contextualize how systemic racism affects us. Trump and his party perpetuate systemic racism, but pretend that it doesn’t exist. Of course he wants “sightings” of CRT reported. This is white supremacy trying to cover its tracks.

Trump was warned in January. Those saying he wasn’t are lying to try to cover his tracks. “Intel reports going back to January warned of coronavirus threat” | TheHill

The reason I refuse to “let it go” regarding the bogus #Corinavirus  models is they were the basis for the comprehensive shutdown. “Hospitals are going to be overwhelmed.” Well, they’re not! And now they’re padding the death numbers to cover their tracks!

Instead of admitting its projections were wildly wrong, the CDC and medical establishment are trying to cover their tracks. They are padding #Coronavirus  death counts to make reality conform to the projections. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Unlike the Dems, I didn't sabotage Bernie Sanders in the primaries, then try to cover my tracks with ludicrous Russia conspiracy theories.

we blame Buzzcrap, but it's also media blogs and their carbuncles who use scandal clickbait as a business model, who also ran with it. Watch them cover their tracks. hoping that tomorrow, we'll forget. And we will.

Mitch McConnell, Karl Rove, Stephen Law, Jeff Roe, and the GOP establishment lost the Alabama senate seat. And they're orchestrating a massive propaganda campaign to cover their tracks.