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A Trillion dollars in Credit Card debt. What does it mean, especially for working class families? Answers here in a new Cortes#ChalkTalk 

My interview today… Bank Run In Silicon Valley | Bannon And Cortes Discuss The Collapse Of Big Tech’s Bank

$USLG [15s. delayed]: Issued Press Release on March 08, 08:00:00: USLG Cortes Campers and VR Evolution in Quebec Approved for Floor Plan Financing

Children suffer greatly from Biden’s Inflation and Economic mess - sending millions of kids newly into poverty. See this new Cortes#ChalkTalk  comparing this present failure to the prior successes of Pres Trump for the well-being of children.

2023 MLB Fun & Good Team: Meet baseball's most watchable stars, from Shohei Ohtani to Nestor Cortes Jr.

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Young Americans: crushed by Biden’s Inflation. And, with Interest Rates spiking again, it will get even worse. Numbers in a new Cortes#ChalkTalk 

Why cortes'>Nestor Cortes was ‘pretty excited’ about spring outing

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The two seven-page memos signed by U.S. Attorney Philip Sellinger, and Assistant U.S. Attorneys Sean Farrell and Lee Cortes include details about the crime not formerly disclosed.

Yankees’ cortes'>Nestor Cortes out to prove breakout season ‘wasn’t a fluke’

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Peter Navarro: "This man [Dr. Anthony Fauci] is the most evil man I've ever met." @CortesSteve . @JennPellegrino .

@LeaderMcConnell  has got to go! Here is the breakdown of money spent in some battleground senate seats: AZ - Masters $9m vs Kelly $73m GA - Walker $32m vs Warnock $76m NV - Laxalt $12m vs Cortes $47m NH - Bolduc $2m vs Hassan $36m Americans deserve an America First Leader!

Joe Biden and the Democrats are destroying your standard of living. Can the typical earner buy a reasonably-priced home? Not anymore. Numbers in a new Cortes#ChalkTalk 

So Venezuela empties its prisons and sends dangerous convicts across Biden’s open border. Is inviting millions of unvetted migrants from super violent countries a good idea for America??? See the numbers in a new Cortes#ChalkTalk 

Are you struggling to pay for Housing? If so, you’re hardly alone. But Biden and his pals like JB Pritzker force you to pay to house illegal migrants in your communities! See the details in my Cortes#ChalkTalk  and article:

Good morning! Today in 1521, cortes'>Conquistador Hernan Cortes captured Tenochtitlan (now Mexico City), ending the rule of the evil Aztec Empire.

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Inflation, higher taxes, rising gas prices, and the crime rate ballooning - sure does smell like the 1970s, cortes'>Steve Cortes chalks it up to Biden's failed leadership. @CortesSteve  @JennPellegrino .

The bombshell news of Hillary’s spying on Trump as candidate AND as president points to the Grand Lies of the American Ruling Class. Details in this Cortes#ChalkTalk  As Solzhenitsyn taught us: “Live Not by Lies”