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Some ask why bother talking about charity on Twitter, why not just give quietly? Because while my charity @karmagawa  has built 73 schools/libraries now, my social media followers have built another 16, unlike shady/corrupt promoters, I see how transparency is key to improvement!

Why is @EamonJavers  breathlessly promoting Dominion propaganda. They are employing bully tactics, and have the corrupt media backing their garbage narrative.

Stop listening to DC propagandists and corrupt DNC media. Good job @julie_kelly2 

So here we are, 12+ years later, and we still get Hank Paulson, Larry Summers, Janet Yellen, Ben Bernanke & other failed-regulator kleptocracy all-stars regularly trotted out to opine for our media, and get drooled on by our corrupt Congress, left and right. It's kind of a drag.

Corrupt Media: @JoeConchaTV  calls out the mainstream media for failing to hold Joe Biden accountable #MAGA  #AmericaFirst  #Dobbs 

Prior to departing his bunkered existence in the palace, President Drumpf issued pardons for dozens of criminals, including an media magnate & former advisors who colluded with him & Russia's active measures 4 years ago & other corrupt former officials before defrauding Nambians.

In the era of social media, every arrest on a trumped-up charge only broadens Alexei Navalny's following and "amplifies his indictment of the corruption of Russia’s rulers." But "the one thing a corrupt and authoritarian regime cannot abide is the truth."

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This week proved how crucial the Second Amendment is — as basic freedoms come under direct assault from Silicon Valley titans in cahoots with abusive establishment politicians (of both parties), cheered on by a biased & corrupt media.

My latest column on America’s choice: Republic or Oligarchy Right now, our amazing country devolves into oligarchy - ruled by powerful interests of establishment elected officials, biased corporate media, & corrupt Big Tech, esp. Twitter, Facebook, Google

Trump’s Lost Cause takes its fuel from conspiratorial myths of all kinds, rehearsed for years on Trump media and social media platforms. Its guiding theories include: Christianity under duress and attack; large corrupt cities full of Black and brown people manipulated by liberal


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The Media is just as corrupt as the Election itself!

Cases up because we TEST, TEST, TEST. A Fake News Media Conspiracy. Many young people who heal very fast. 99.9%. Corrupt Media conspiracy at all time high. On November 4th., topic will totally change. VOTE!

The USA doesn’t have Freedom of the Press, we have Suppression of the Story, or just plain Fake News. So much has been learned in the last two weeks about how corrupt our Media is, and now Big Tech, maybe even worse. Repeal Section 230!

I am not just running against Biden, I am running against the Corrupt Media, the Big Tech Giants, and the Washington Swamp. It is time to send a message to these wealthy liberal hypocrites by delivering Joe Biden a THUNDERING defeat on November 3rd! #MAGA 


The Democrats, together with the corrupt Fake News Media, have launched a massive Disinformation Campaign the likes of which has never been seen before. They will say anything, like their recent lies about me and the Military, and hope that it sticks... But #MAGA  gets it!

I called the politicization of the China Virus by the Radical Left Democrats a Hoax, not the China Virus itself. Everybody knows this except for the Fake and very Corrupt Media!

If the Fake News Opposition Party is pushing, with all their might, the fact that President Trump “ignored early warnings about the threat,” then why did Media & Dems viciously criticize me when I instituted a Travel Ban on China? They said “early & not necessary.” Corrupt Media!

It is amazing that I became President of the United States with such a totally corrupt and dishonest Lamestream Media going after me all day, and all night. Either I’m really good, far better than the Fake News wants to admit, or they don’t have nearly the power as once thought!

The Democrats and Crooked Hillary paid for & provided a Fake Dossier, with phony information gotten from foreign sources, pushed it to the corrupt media & Dirty Cops, & have now been caught. They spied on my campaign, then tried to cover it up - Just Like Watergate, but bigger!