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ALERT: Apparently anything $9.99 or less is now “free.” Source: corporate America.

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Institutional investors are buying greater and greater stakes in Corporate America. A new study investigates whether their common ownership of cereal makers is leading them to become a kind of stealth monopoly.

Interesting that @NASDAQ  chief Adena Friedman -- who is at the forefront of woke Corporate America pushing companies for corporate diversity etc -- is attending the Davos in the Desert financial conference by the very unwoke Saudi Royal Family. More now @FoxBusiness 

Larry Fink of BlackRock Sets Bold Climate Goals for Corporate America - The New York Times

Tracking corporate America's revolt against the Electoral College objectors

Josh Hawley claims he's been 'canceled' by corporate America claiming bid to overturn election results was just 'democratic debate'

Comcast call center in Honduras is unable to fix the problem (how hard is it to unblock emails from the CDC?) and there's a 40-minute wait for a "specialist." Oh crikey, does anyone still wonder why Corporate America's broken customer service is so hated?

So if you're looking for aggressive marketing, Corporate America has got you covered. If you want service--hello, developing-world, minus the work-around of a bribe.

As the Biden administration works to administer 100 million vaccine doses in 100 days, corporate America is stepping up. Companies like Starbucks, Amazon, Google and more have offered to help with the rollout. @EamonJavers  reports.

Tainted by Trump’s reputation, several Trump aides describe an increasingly bleak job market with virtually no chance of landing jobs in corporate America — some even having seen promising leads disappear after the rampage at the U.S. Capitol


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GOP Leadership in Shambles: @mattgaetz  says RINOs like Liz Cheney and Mitch McConnell are so beholden to corporate money they will do anything to subvert President Trump and the America First movement. #MAGA  #AmericaFirst  #Dobbs 

Someone who went along with the big lie, someone who voted for the big lie AFTER a domestic terrorists tried an insurrection based on the big lie, is the new chair of the Republican Senate Campaign Committee. @SenRickScott  Will corporate America write him checks?

Section 230, which is a liability shielding gift from the U.S. to “Big Tech” (the only companies in America that have it - corporate welfare!), is a serious threat to our National Security & Election Integrity. Our Country can never be safe & secure if we allow it to stand.....

If last year taught us anything, it's that: 1) Workers keep America going, not billionaires. 2) Corporate profits don't trickle down. 3) Health care is a human right. 4) Every vote matters. I hope we act on these lessons in the new year.

Last night in prime time, CNN and MSNBC totally ignored the Hunter Biden story. This morning, Good Morning America and the CBS Morning program both ignored. The Today Show spent about 60 seconds on it. This is unprecedented corruption by the corporate media.

A few lessons I hope we all take away from this pandemic: 1) Workers keep America going, not billionaires. 2) Health care must be made a right in this country. 3) If we can afford trillions in corporate bailouts, we can afford Medicare for All and a Green New Deal.

Reading the Republican coronavirus bill, you'd think the most important people in America are corporate CEOs. That is wrong. Our essential workers include: 👩‍⚕️Health workers 🚚Delivery and warehouse workers 🥗Food workers 👷‍♀️Transit workers We must put their needs ahead of CEOs.

I couldn’t have framed the election better than McConnell did this week. He says if GOP wins they will: a. try again to repeal ACA and replace it w nothing b. cut Social Security and Medicare to pay for their corporate tax cut c. provide no check on Trump Got it, America?

This Congress doesn’t work for working families. It works for corporate lobbyists & campaign donors in backroom deals & 1:30 AM votes. This corruption is hollowing out America’s middle class & tearing down our democracy.

Would be interesting if these stories were framed the way corporate announcement of bonuses, or capital investment are. "After Big Tax Cut, Bank of America To Raise Fees On Customers"