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Picking Nits with Corn “Up Here” - In yesterday’s Soybean and Bean Meal Technical Blog, we discussed very, very short-term bearish divergence in momentum...

China imported 2 mmt of #corn  in December to put 2020 imports at 11.3 mmt. #oatt 

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paper sold 3500 march 430/480 call spreads @ 48 in #corn 

Column: China's U.S. grain haul sparks flashbacks to 1972 'grain robbery' #corn  #cbot  #oatt 

Corn inflates another +1.3%, Cotton +1.3%, Wheat +0.5% as US Dollar Devaluation continues

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A Boom is Setting Up in Commodities #commodities  $WEAT $CORN $SOY $CU $JPM $DBA $MOO $REMX $JJC $CPER These are the developments we are seeing in the commodities sector over the last few months, as follows: JPMorgan Chase (NYSE:JPM) in a note to clients…

Trading Ideas: CORN ETF and different ways to protect against inflation 📈 FREE trade-of-week via ⟶

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Today #soybeans , corn & wheat traded lower. Livestock & Softs mixed. Dollar, #Crude , Metals & Stocks all higher.

Paper bought 5,000 July 4.00 puts vs selling 10,000 July 3.80 puts from an 1/8 credit to even. #corn  #cbot  #oatt 


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Remember: the president can pardon turkeys for federal crimes only. Corn and Cob can still be indicted by the Manhattan DA.

HELLO CORN! Biden Caught on Camera Excitedly Waving to a Completely Empty Field

It’s October 4th Reply if you need a spooky name Like if your Twitter name is already ghastly RT if you respect and revere candy corn

These pigs ate fermented corn to be used for making moonshine. One of them is hammered-drunk & passed-out completely. Wait for it...😂🤣😭💀💀

"We have excess corn in various parts of our country with our farmers because China did not do what they said they were going to do. And Prime Minister@AbeShinzo , on behalf of Japan, they're going to be buying all of that corn." — President@realDonaldTrump 

Big Trade Deal just agreed to with Prime Minister Abe of Japan. Will be great for our Farmers, Ranchers and more. Really big Corn purchase!

what if the whistleblower is corn pop

@NiallOfficial Happy Birthday mate. Chicken wrap, double portion of PERi-PERi chips, corn on the cob, 5 hot wings and a drink, yeah?