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Colorado among states with highest rate of per capita marijuana dispensaries (via.. @michaelkarlik ) #copolitics 

Colorado releases new minimum wage and overtime rules CRFgQuDnmR#cobiz  #copolitics  (via.. @joeybunch )

Coloradans shouldn’t have to choose between medications and groceries, lawmakers say. #COPolitics 

CSU survey shows major support for wolf reintroduction in Colorado (via @joeybunch ) #copolitics  @colo_politics 

Former Denver hotel converted into affordable housing for city's homeless TW82TT8Nkv#copolitics  @colo_politics 

Colorado county officials to participate in elections 'war games' in Springs (via.. @michaelkarlik ) #COpolitics 

ICYMI: @pettersen4co  has become the first #Colorado  state senator to give birth while in office. #COPolitics 


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Native Americans know that if you destroy nature you destroy life. That is what we’re doing globally and that has got to change. #copolitics 

Denver Indivisible dressed up as Handmaids to mock the visit of Vice President Pence in Colorado. #copolitics  #kdvr 

Bernie Sanders can’t do this alone. We've gotta do it together through a strong grassroots movement. #COpolitics 

Amazing- @Hillary  Clinton Staffers In Colorado Aren't Telling @BernieSanders  Supporters Where To Caucus #COpolitics