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JPMorgan has found evidence of employees and customers misusing the government’s flood of stimulus funds and is cooperating with authorities, the bank’s leaders said Tuesday. “Some employees have fallen short, too,” the memo said, without elaborating.

Cooperating on developing and distributing a vaccine for the virus was among the topics Trump and Suga discussed.

Wall Street leaders have recently been pushing the case for a return to the office, but the virus is not cooperating with their plans

Prince Andrew is under intense pressure to speak to US investigators after his paedophile friend Jeffrey Epstein’s chef began “fully cooperating” with the FBI.

“TattleTales,” the latest from the sparkplug rapper 6ix9ine — who is newly released from a two-year prison sentence, after cooperating with prosecutors and pleading guilty to racketeering and other charges — opened at No. 4

Prince Andrew faces more pressure to talk as Jeffrey Epstein’s chef starts ‘fully cooperating’ with the FBI

Lawyers for celebrity chef Adam Perry Lang, who once served as Epstein’s personal chef, confirmed to The Daily Beast that he is cooperating with the investigation

Wall Street leaders have recently been pushing the case for a return to the office, but the virus is not cooperating with their plans

@Claudia_Sahm  But we are, again. & this time the political considerations are all on the side of the Republicanscooperating to try to boost employment... I watched Markus Brunnermeier & Gita Gopinath earlier this week make the case that "it's not stimulus, it's insurance for SME survival " 1/

"I was cooperating. I wasn't a threat to them," says Jeffery Ryans.


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I am proud to announce that the United States will donate ventilators to our friends in India. We stand with India and @narendramodi  during this pandemic. We’re also cooperating on vaccine development. Together we will beat the invisible enemy!

Yet another excellent meeting and talks with my friend @realDonaldTrump . Relations between India and USA are not merely ties between two governments. Ours is a friendship that is people-driven and people centric.  Our nations are cooperating extensively, which is a great sign.

India and USA share a common commitment to democracy and pluralism. Our nations are cooperating extensively on a wide range of issues. Robust friendship between our nations augurs well not only for our citizens but also for the entire world.

It took about *six hours* for the PM's official spokesperson to shift from claiming that they're not cooperating with the EU to procure ventilators "Because we're not in the EU" to claiming that it's because they didn't get the email inviting us to join. Britain deserves better.

I was wrong. There IS evidence of collusion with Russia! Proof now comes out. But it wasn't but it was the UNREAL Adam "Shifty" Schiff who at least thought he was cooperating with Russians.

BREAKING / NBC NEWS: Michael Cohen's attorneys have told a judge tonight that their client is cooperating in an ongoing federal investigation in New York and he has met with the New York AG's office about their suit against the Trump Foundation and the President.

I get it now. When President Trump rails against the Mueller witch hunt he really means "which" hunt, as in which close aid will be indicted or plead guilty and start cooperating next? I guess the word of the day is homonym.

Dangling pardons. Attempting to get a prosecutor to unrecuse. Threatening a cooperating witness. False public statements. Encouraging congressional allies to investigate the investigators to protect him. All of it a pattern of obstruction. All of it dangerous to the rule of law.

Mueller’s investigation has produced: 22 indictments 4 are for former Trump campaign officials: (Flynn, Manafort, Gates and Papadopoulos) 3 of those 4 have pleaded guilty and are cooperating 1 who hasn’t, Manafort, faces up to 90 years in prison if convicted #FollowTheFacts