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An 8-year-old boy from Maryland has been promoting positivity through his Cool and Dope campaign. He has also provided food and supplies to over 10,000 people during COVID-19 pandemic.​

The most important things include cooking all of your food as directed and putting it away and letting it cool as soon as you can after eating.

This ROUND 2 meal is courtesy of our social media manager, who just decided to be really super cool and give all the single guys this gorgeous gorgeous set up. So much food. thank you again @macjaeh  !

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It is likely to get even more heartbreaking than it is right now, and don’t meant to be a downer on a friday or sound “alarmist,” but it might be cool to donate some, if you can, now to a local social service or food program or shelter for the homeless or less fortunate...

Cool social/audience journalism jobs: MIT Tech Review: Engagement editor KQED: Community engagement producer Vox: Social media manager, video Food and Wine: Social media producer

$Pakistan Economy #Inflation  Pakistan Economy_Volatile food energy prices cool off for soft Nov’20 read, (AKD Daily, Nov 17, 2020): Preliminary price trends for the month of Nov’20 signal relative ease in inflationary pressures, with… #equity  #stocks 

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Camel-inspired material keeps buildings, food and medicine cool FIVE times longer

Miyashita Park which opened this year in Shibuya is a strange hybrid of the high-line in NYC, a semi-outdoor shopping mall, and a giant food court but the skatepark on the top level is cool and the bouldering wall nice. On a weekday, you can have it yourself.

@patrick_oshag  @ouraringA  @eightsleepl  @whoopl  @Apple  great people founding and funding But less tech, more biology here. Less alcohol More darkness Hot shower, cool room AM or afternoon Exercise Pad full of scribbled stressors Proximate loved ones Maybe melatonin Healthy food

Nepalese dishes, Neapolitan pizza, food from the French Riviera — it's all here in one super-cool slideshow.


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At a drive-thru, waiting on my order, looking at phone. Guy at window: “you kinda look like Tony Hawk” me (turning towards him, assuming he is in on the joke): “haha, cool” Him (looking disappointed): “well, from the side you do. Here’s your food.”

Pretty cool how we can’t eat indoors at food places right now, but years of anti-homeless urban design mean there’s almost nowhere comfortable to eat outdoors either.

Was cool to help provide food for the homeless today. Learned a lot about how much hard work goes into providing these meals daily, especially during a pandemic. Need to make sure we help each other as much as possible during this crisis. Thank you @felixprojectwl  #HelpTheHungry 

Anyone else put food in the fridge to cool down after it came out the microwave too hot?

Oh, @mPinoe . You are so bad-ass. Killing it on the field. Got folks mad cause you don’t wanna eat fast food at their house. Just keep shining. And I humbly invite you to dinner at my house anytime. Until then, I’ll watch this video of you being cool and epic. Onward! #AllEyesOnUS 

About last night at this cool new spot in Delhi called 'Nueva' with the super chef Mr . Loved the food & the ambience. ?✌?

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Then after we eat all the food we can just chill and talk about life and all the cool stuff in it and just listen to music

I usually like my food to not move but... This is cool.