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Or think of Thatcher's sell-off of council homes, an airdrop that converted shelter from a human right to an asset, where "market forces" were allowed to "optimise" housing, with the result that everyday people can't afford a home, while speculators trousered fortunes. 7/

LOOK: An old truck has been converted into a mobile coffee shop in Bocaue, Bulacan. Owners of Tara-Kape started with just a small table set up near PH Arena to sell their coffee until they’re finally able to build their own coffee truck “with a balcony.” | @mbseppedrajas 

Thanks to the Stamps for reminding me of one of the biggest leaks play-callers have IMO... CFL teams convert 3rd & 2 65% of the time. But they go for it only 38% of the time. 3rd and 3: converted 54% of the time. They go for it 22% of the time. #CFL  #Stampeders  #Argos 

And the FSU defense did not, in fact, get that stop. Had a chance multiple times. But Greedy Vance somehow had a ball go right through his hands for a first down. And then Wake converted another fourth down. Tough day for the defense. But Wake gives a lot of defenses tough days.

I tried Sennheiser's latest headphones and they've converted me to over-ears

Converted my cash into bitkoins with 10x leverage

Texas DPS has since converted the car into a black and white Texas Highway Patrol vehicle, adding emergency lights and a police radio.

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I only shorted $ETH, very slow grind. stop loss moved to breakeven. No longs until $1340 is converted into support 🤝🏽 #NFA  #DYOR 

Having married an Italian last year I’m well down the path to being fully converted.

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Britain's most unusual monastery? Tucked away in a Yorkshire village, these Egyptian monks have converted a former B&B once owned by the Rowntree chocolate dynasty and taught themselves how to farm from watching Youtube


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Tesla is using only internal & open source software & operates Bitcoin nodes directly. Bitcoin paid to Tesla will be retained as Bitcoin, not converted to fiat currency.

Terrorists of Al Qaeda threaten attacks in Delhi,Mumbai,UP & Gujarat. “Our Prophet foretold us about Ghazva e Hind and predicted the victory of Muslims in India.” Says the letter. A TV debate has been converted into a ‘Dharma Yudh’. India IN knows how to deal with terrorists.

AP photo: Serhii, father of teenager Iliya, cries on his son's lifeless body lying on a stretcher at a maternity hospital converted into a medical ward in Mariupol, Ukraine, Wednesday, March 2, 2022.

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Malayalam film director Ali Akbar has converted to Hinduism and changed his name to Ramasimha, saying, "It's a protest against those Muslims who were putting smileys on posts related to the death of CDS General Bipin Rawat. Why are religious leaders not correcting them?"

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Watch: The oldest bullfighting arena in Latin America has been converted into a refuge for homeless people. The arena in Lima, Peru will have 150 beds and provide some healthcare and food to homeless people as the nation locks down to slow the spread of coronavirus

In order to ramp up oxygen supplies, the Government is working on converting nitrogen plants into oxygen plants. Potential industries where current nitrogen plants could be spared, are being identified & converted.

This man in Indonesia has converted his car into a mobile library, visiting poor neighbourhoods so that kids can read.

Rajiv Gandhi Foundation should also be taken over by Govt because the land was allotted for Congress Party office. But after RG death it was converted by the usual trick into family controlled estate. Foreign Embassy donations were taken

In Varanasi, flagged off the first ever Diesel to Electric Converted Locomotive. I congratulate the entire team that has worked on this historic accomplishment, which will enhance the efforts of the Railways towards electrification.