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I’m happy, but need help- Oru Nwojo, final year student who gave birth to quintuples Contd. watching on via our Facebook link>>>>>>

Interest rate issues emerge in the NIRSAL MfB N95b loan Contd. watching from our Facebook Link >>>>>>>>>>>>

Meet Ambe Promise, UNICAL student who turns plastic to bricks Contd watching on our Facebook Link>>>>>>>>>>

$FINNIFTY Low was 14405 and hi of 19849. Pulled back to 14490 holding the opening low and went to retest the hi at 786 retrace up. Holds that 17k current low orange line has the potential for the cycle area 21k.... contd#BANKNIFT  #FINNIFTY  #nifty50 

Part of the new White House policy on illicit finance for #Bitcoin  "Take actions to disrupt illicit activities such as seizures, criminal prosecutions, civil enforcement, and targeted sanctions designations to hold cybercriminals and other malign actors responsible (contd.) well as to expose the parts of the virtual asset ecosystem enabling illicit activity and clearly identify nodes in the ecosystem that pose national security risks." Illicit activity is wrong, but who decides if a 'node' is a national security risk? (contd.)

2023: We ‘ll stay, fight in PDP – WikeContd. watching on our Facebook Link>>>>>>

Meet man that has been dancing by roadside to Pasuma songs for 16 years Contd. watching from our Facebook Link>>>>>>>>>

Why I chose frying akara over white-collar-job −Godsend Kalu, Economics graduate Contd. watching on Our Facebook via Link>>>>>>>>>


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Received a legal notice from a Jammu lawyer Dipika Rajawat for exposing #KathuaKaSach .I wear it as a badge of honour. I’ll keep exposing those who exploit rape to build political careers,give a family’s tragedy a communal spin & launch smear campaigns when questioned. (contd.)

I marvel at the dishonesty of those who say Lord Ram is a north Indian god alien to #Bengal  culture. I will place some facts. You judge. * Bengal’s biggest spiritual guru Gadadhar Chattopadhyay takes the name Ramkrishna Paramhansa. * Iconic reformer: Ram Mohan Roy. [Contd]

* Look beyond your narrow, selfish personal lives at what’s happening in nation, civilisation. * Take helicopter view of history to understand it better. * Identify exact cause, place you want to be involved in. Start your own, or identify genuine orgs, people. [contd] #Udaipur 

See this beer? That is the most expensive beer in history. I paid $99,983.64 for it in the Malmaison Hotel, Manchester the other night. Seriously. Contd.

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Just devastating. Authorities now say local officers 1st entered the school at 11:35, 2 minutes after the gunman, and 19 officers were in the hallway by 12:03, but did not breach the door & kill the gunman until 12:50, even as they contd to hear firing.

* Bengal’s most famous sculptor: Ramkinkar Baij. * Ramrajatala is in Howrah. Has a 300-year-old Ram temple built by zamindar Ayodhya Ram Choudhury where local worship the deity for 3 months every year. * Serampore or Srirampur is one of the oldest cities. #Ram  #Bengal  [Contd]

It only gets more British: "Thomas Gray, who was driving his classic mini over London Bridge at the time of the attack, said "One thought was going through my mind - stop the dude. I’ve played rugby for most my life and the rule on and off the pitch is ‘one in, all in’." contd

1/2 I have taken note of the filing of this preposterous charge sheet &intend to contest it vigorously. No one who knew Sunanda believes she would ever have committed suicide, let alone abetment on my part. If this is conclusion arrived at after 4+ yrs of investigation, (contd.)

WHAT HAPPENED CONTD: Gallery staff told us the decision was from the Senate Rules Committee and to call them for future interview permission

Contd. @ambar_mukherjee  techniques will become a part of her muscle memory slowly after a few years,don't stress? Glad she's starting early