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3 Short Squeeze Candidates In The Consumer Staples Sector $FIZZ $REV $AMBO

Time to get defensive? @btigresearch 's Julian Emanuel dives into why he thinks it's time to go long consumer staples

Struggling To 'Staple' Consumer Staples Into Our Portfolio. #investing  #economy  #trading 


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Procter & Gamble, the maker of Gillette razors and Tide detergent, this fall will start charging more for household staples from diapers to toilet paper, the latest and biggest consumer-products company to do so

Drawdowns from Recent Highs: Oil: -53% Bitcoin: -46% Delta Airlines: -46% Tesla: -42% Goldman: -40% JP Morgan: -38% Transports: -36% Russell 2000: -35% FANGs: -28% S&P 500: -27% Nasdaq 100: -25% Amazon: -23% Consumer Staples: -19% Gold: -7% Cash: 0% via: @BearTrapsReport 

2020 Returns: Tech $XLK: +22% Consumer Discretionary $XLY: +14% Communications $XLC: +8% Materials $XLB: +2% Healthcare $XLV: +1% Consumer Staples $XLP: +1% Industrials $XLI: -6% Utilities $XLU: -9% Real Estate $XLRE: -11% Financials $XLF: -23% Energy $XLE: -47% Data via @ycharts 

"It ain't even a question" Health Care Pops but market still very cautious S&P 500 Index+2.21% Comm+1.58% Consumer D+1.67% Consumer Staples +2.24% Energy +1.16% Financials +1.26% HC +4.33% Industrials +2.11% Materials +1.60% Real Estate+2.18% Tech+2.11% Utilities +2.70%

2019 S&P Sector Returns... Tech $XLK: +50% Financials $XLF: +32% Communications $XLC: +31% Industrials $XLI: +29% RealEstate $XLRE: +29% Consumer Discretionary $XLY: +28% Consumer Staples $XLP: +27% Utilities $XLU: +26% Materials $XLB: +24% Healthcare $XLV: +20% Energy $XLE: +12%

2019 S&P Sector Returns... Tech $XLK: +44% Industrials $XLI: +30% Financials $XLF: +29% Communications $XLC: +29% Real Estate $XLRE: +28% Consumer Discretionary $XLY: +26% Consumer Staples $XLP: +25% Utilities $XLU: +22% Materials $XLB: +21% Healthcare $XLV: +17% Energy $XLE: +6%

When #ecommerce  meets consumer staples, an “Infinite Shelf” is born. $GS Research explains:

$GS Research on “the most fundamental shift” for consumer staples since the invention of the supermarket

$GS: Why #ecommerce  will be the biggest disruption to consumer staples since the supermarket

#Ecommerce can do books. But can it do pizza? $GS Research on ecommerce & consumer staples