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#MDMK would continue in the #DMK-led  alliance and face the Assembly election as a constituent to stop the onslaught of Hindutva, party leader Vaiko told its cadres at a meeting held in Coimbatore on February 15.

Ahead of the Assembly polls in Kerala, the opposition UDF on Saturday got a shot in its arm with a faction in the NCP, a constituent in the ruling LDF, announcing its decision to part ways with the CPI(M)-led alliance and join the Congress-led front

Ahead of the Assembly polls in #Kerala , a faction in the #NCP , a constituent in the ruling #LDF , announces its decision to part ways with the CPI(M)-led alliance. @gopitrivandrum )

Ahead of Assembly polls in Kerala, a faction in Nationalist Congress Party, a constituent in ruling LDF, announces its decision to part ways with CPI(M)-led alliance and join Congress-led UDF front (PTI)

DILG said amending the restrictive provisions of the 1987 Constitution should be done through a constituent assembly.

K.D. Sethi, the last surviving member of the Jammu and Kashmir constituent assembly, passed away at his residence in Jammu on Thursday. He was 93.

#KrishanDevSethi, the last surviving member of J&K Constituent Assembly, passes away at his Jammu residence this morning.

Krishan Dev Sethi, 93, who was the last surviving member of the Jammu & constituent assembly'>Kashmir Constituent Assembly, passed away on Thursday at his Jammu residence

@maracepeda  Mendoza: To treat therefore the Constitution as if it were simply a statute or an act of Congress that has to be amended [with the] 2 houses sitting separately and voting separately is to violate the dictum that we all know as members of this Constituent Assembly. | @maracepeda 

@maracepeda  Mendoza warns constituent assembly or constitutional convention can become a runaway assembly: There is simply no way of stopping a runaway assembly or convention. I do not believe this is a time for charter change. WATCH:


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I have sent a Note to PMO along with photocopies of the Constituent Assembly Debates and my legal arguments on why Art 370 can be deleted without Parliament concurrence, and by a Presidential Notification. I want it timed for mid September

As usual ignorant anchors of Times Now are rubbishing Vande Mataram. One Anchor Mr. Athar states Vande Mataram does have equal status to jana Gana Mana as National Anthem. He has not read Constituent Assembly Debates. At least he can Google before speaking

News from #Venezuela  tonight: In an effort to distract from no electricity or water, drug lord will convene the fake #maduroregimetituent  assembly'>Con #MaduroRegimetituent  Assembly tomorrow to pass a fake law taking away the legislative immunity of the real leader of real Natl Assembly

If they ever intend to fulfill their constitutional roles & redeem their names now is the time for to dissolve the illegitimate constituent assembly & reinstate power of & for to protect from armed criminal “colectivos” #Venezuela 

The charges brought against chief of staff Roberto Marrero by the is ope #MaduroRegime  mockery of what is left of rule of law in . How #Venezuelaoes  or anyone in that nations judiciary justify it or the illegitimate “constituent assembly”?

The great members of our Constituent Assembly did not support the idea of Minority Reservations. Yet, parties in Telangana are promising it. Not only is it illegal, it also makes me wonder- are these parties going to do injustice to SCs, STs and OBCs? They must answer.

Desperate dictator sending money launderer to Washington to try & find someone to meet with & negotiate ending sanctions. Total waste of time.Will only end after fraudulent Constituent Assembly disbanded & free elections scheduled for new President

Canada denounces & condemns significant and undemocratic action by #Venezuela  gov to create constituent assembly

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Reconciliation possible in #Venezuela  if Maduro follows this path.But expect severe U.S. sanctions if "constituent assembly" happens 3/4

NEW: Pres. Trump threatens "strong, swift economic actions" against Venezuela if "Maduro regime imposes its Constituent Assembly on July 30"

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