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Conservative MPs are today asking you to applaud them for abolishing your freedom to move to 27 other countries for work. Meanwhile, COVID-19 is forecast to deliver a harder economic hit to the U.K. than almost anywhere else in Europe...

WATCH: Alberta's only non-Conservative member of Parliament says she’s disappointed in some Tory MPs who haven't been participating in the virtual House of Commons special COVID-19 committee meetings.

This is fascinating. Where people are at. On death penalty eg Conservative MPs more liberal than Labour voters?

This is James O'Brien's coruscating monologue responding to the Conservative MPs who tweeted celebrating the end of freedom of movement. @mrjamesob 

A platform with an anti-censorship stance is attracting social media outcasts and rightwingers. Now some Conservative MPs and others are following suit

Between the tricky tasks of reviving the ­­economy and navigating Brexit, many Conservative MPs ­fear the only way is down, writes @stephenkb .

Conservative House Leader Candice Bergen says her party is suspicious of anything promoted by the Liberals that would keep most MPs out of the House of Commons.

A plan to extend Sunday opening hours for shops is being kept "under review" by Boris Johnson - after it emerged at least 50 Conservative MPs are preparing to rebel over the proposal

Even Conservative MPs say Boris Johnson’s Government is ‘knackered’ – reopening the economy could create the renewal it needs @HugoGye 

The letter to Mr Johnson is signed by seven Conservative MPs - Fiona Bruce MP, William Wragg MP, David Amess MP, Martin Vickers MP, David Jones MP, Andrew Selous MP and Bob Blackman MP.


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Conservative MPs who want schools to reopen because they care about the plight of poor & vulnerable children are going to be devastated when they find out how they voted for the last ten years.

We're *still* reporting the public 'losing trust' in media without referencing things like 3 Conservative MPs & the President of the USA tweeting doctored footage that is obviously fake. They deliberately foment mistrust of honest journalism then turn round & condemn journalists.

As lifelong advocates of 'law & order', 320 Conservative MPs, including the Prime Minister and his entire Cabinet, will no doubt be apologising to the electorate imminently.

The far right routinely disseminate & pretend to believe things they know not to be true to stoke hatred & division. To see the tactic being adopted by Conservative MPs & even an actual minister is a moment of real danger for our democracy. It demands the strongest leadership.

There’s a horribly inappropriate & clearly orchestrated trolling campaign being directed at Keir Starmer by Conservative MPs on here right now. It’s easy to criticise, but it’s actually very considerate of them to remind us what their priorities are at this time.

These Conservative MPs warned against the proroguing of parliament. Now they are all cabinet ministers in Boris Johnson's government.

So a serial liar, racist and one of most incompetent ministers ever leads the poll in the #Toryleadership  contest Conservative MPs should hang their heads in shame