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The federal Conservative leader is facing questions about one of his MPs who sponsored a petition that likens a COVID-19 vaccine to “human experimentation” #cdnpoli 

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Why Stockport's Conservative MPs rebelled to vote against government's new Covid tier system

Our top stories today: - Pfizer/Biontech covid-19 vaccine approved for use in UK - NYT: Biden says won’t immediately remove China phase 1 tariffs - PM Johnson suffers revolt by 55 Conservative MPs over Covid curbs; his biggest rebellion yet.

BREAKING: England's new tiered system of #coronavirus  restrictions has been approved by MPs by 291 votes to 78. Sky's @joncraig  says about 56 Conservative MPs have appeared to rebel against the measures. Read more:

The tally is in and 53 Conservative MPs voted against the Government's measures, with two more Tory tellers for the 'noes'. They include Sir Graham Brady, Sir Iain Duncan Smith, Damian Green, Esther McVey and Tom Tugendhat

MPs have backed the new system of coronavirus tiers for England as Boris Johnson survived a significant revolt from Conservative rebels.

Conservative MPs are reporting that between 54 and 60 backbenchers voted against the Prime Minister tonight. According to reports Boris Johnson was standing at the door of the aye lobby "begging Tory MPs to vote with him"

🚨 MPs back new tier system 🚨 Labour whips have suggested that around 56 Conservative MPs voted AGAINST the Government as 99 per cent of England prepares to enter the toughest tiers, 2 and 3 when lockdown ends

MPs have backed the new system of coronavirus tiers for England as Boris Johnson survived the threat of a significant revolt from Conservative rebels to pass the restrictions #breaking 


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EXCLUSIVE The Brexit Party is to be relaunched as an anti-lockdown party called Reform UK, in a move which could alarm Conservative MPs jittery about Covid-19 policy. Plans to change the name of the Brexit Party to Reform UK were submitted to the Electoral Commission last week.

The fact the BBC 10 O'Clock News reports Angela Rayner saying a rude word about a Tory MP, but not Conservative MPs voting to drive hundreds of thousands of children into hunger, says everything you need to know about our broken media.

These Conservative MPs warned against the proroguing of parliament. Now they are all cabinet ministers in Boris Johnson's government.

Conservative MPs are today asking you to applaud them for abolishing your freedom to move to 27 other countries for work. Meanwhile, COVID-19 is forecast to deliver a harder economic hit to the U.K. than almost anywhere else in Europe...

By compelling them to defend his lies & ignore his incompetence, Boris Johnson has corrupted the entire Conservative Party in just six months. And his MPs have let him. The ones with any backbone disappeared last year. Once again, it’s impossible to ignore the echoes of Trump.

The far right routinely disseminate & pretend to believe things they know not to be true to stoke hatred & division. To see the tactic being adopted by Conservative MPs & even an actual minister is a moment of real danger for our democracy. It demands the strongest leadership.

There’s a horribly inappropriate & clearly orchestrated trolling campaign being directed at Keir Starmer by Conservative MPs on here right now. It’s easy to criticise, but it’s actually very considerate of them to remind us what their priorities are at this time.

So a serial liar, racist and one of most incompetent ministers ever leads the poll in the #Toryleadership  contest Conservative MPs should hang their heads in shame