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$GRNG #Granges  AB Gränges - Solid demand recovery, but lower profitability: 7% better volumes, 14% lower earnings vs. consLow-double digit org growth Q1’21 vs. ABGSC +9% Some profit taking expected on the day, neg. reaction [...] #equity  #stocks 

$LUNE #Lundin  Energy Lundin Energy - Strong end to 2020, attractive dividend yield: Q4 EBITDAX 11% above consensus Cons ~4% below mid-point prod. guidance ‘21 DPS of USD 1.8 implies ~6.7% yield [...] #equity  #stocks 

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$INTRUM #Intrum  AB Intrum - Strong end to 2020 collection-wise: Adj. EBIT SEK 1,611m, +13% vs. ABG, +12% vs. cons. …driven by positive revaluations and strong collections Stock likely up on underlying beat and dividend of SEK 12 [...] #equity  #stocks 

$LAGR B #Lagercrantz  Group AB Series B Lagercrantz Group - Sales in line but with strong margins: Sales SEK 1,078 down 1% y-o-y (ABGSCe -1%) EBITA SEK 168m (+9% vs. ABGSCe) Expectcons. EBITA estimates up 2% on isolated Q3 [...] #equity  #stocks 

ABG Sundal Collier - #TF  Bank AB TF Bank - Decent Q4, strong NII q-o-q: Q4 operating profit +7% vs. ABGSC, +7% vs. cons. Strong NII development q-o-q main driver behind the beat Share been strong into Q4, expect neutral share reaction [...] #equity  #stocks 

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$NCC B #NCC  AB Series B NCC - 3.3% BII margin (2.7%) in line with consensus: Building better than expected also adjusted for EO item Lower EBIT in Industry partly due to higher EO expenses DPS: SEK 5 (2.5) vs ABGSCe at 2.5 & cons. at 5.42… #equity  #stocks 

#ASX200 Sector update: Financials 5571 -2.86% Energy 8298 -2.93% Materials 15683 -2.66% Industrials 5743 -1.89% Cons. Discr 3036 -1.54% Cons. Staple 12910 -1% Health Care 40287 -3.26% Comms 1286 -2.09% Info Tech 2241 -3.94% Utilities 6347 -0.5% #asx  #ausbiz 

Friends buy clapped-out old ambulances and spend lockdown turning them into camper vans with all mod cons

In this fantastic piece by @melenar  & @ktbenner  on coercive control, Sanctuary ED @JudyKluger  weighs the pros and cons of expanding legal definitions of domestic violence.


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Mike Bloomberg doesn’t have to bribe ex-cons if he needs a favor from Joe Biden - he can just stick Hunter on the board of his company.

Whaaaat? Don’t dirty up the economic impact payments w/ Don the Con’s name on the checks that are being sent to American families to get thru the crisis. People may think it’s a BOGUS check from a BOGUS president!

pros and cons for publically tweeting my animal crossing friend code?

JOE BURROW DRAFT PROFILE Pros: Mobile Big Arm Deep ball accuracy Cons: Murdered an entire football team on live television

All the Cons lustily retweeting Daily Beast/HuffPo/ #OpenBordersInc  oppo research & recycled slime to bring me down for defending free speech & #AmericaFirst  : Screw you. All those who see through the bullshit: Thank you.

Racism isn’t a political tactic you discuss the practical pros and cons of on national tv. Racism isn’t a form of social tension. Racism is a violent, hateful ideology that has resulted in the deaths of untold millions of people and should treated as such. This isn’t hard.

This is astounding. A dictator cons the supposed leader of the free world...

An ex-con who has earned his PhD is opening a community college focused on other ex-cons:

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When you go into deep thought about being a dancer. Weighing all the pros & cons when you see a video like this.