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Six US Congresspeople proud to be Greek Americans

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Making history, @MondaireJones  wins #NY17  , becoming one of the first openly LGBTQ congresspeople'>Black Congresspeople from any state. Equality was on the ballot, and voters made their choice loud and clear. #UnityWins  #Election2020 

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I vote we leave out congresspeople and news networks angrily tweeting about short-lived NBC sitcoms on the eve of an election from the history books cause I don’t want to talk about it in 20 years.

Gonna be a lot of congresspeople tomorrow who managed to not watch the debate

@mattyglesias  even better, the people who make israel policy in the united states, from the congresspeople to the president to the appointees and bureaucrats in the executive branch are overwhelmingly not jewish

WH economic adviser Larry Kudlow: "We have too many post offices... but you can't close the post office because congresspeople won't let you."

I think it’s the only way he can hold onto some Republicancongresspeople and donors.

Goober at @PolitiFact  throws "Mostly False" flag at Bongino Facebook page. The "fact"? Bongino's team noted an estimate that illegal immigrants add another 6 congresspeople to California's delegation. The "fact checker" said nah, 2 to 4.

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Kudos to @Abner_Y_Dennis  for his report on hedge funds involved in Puerto Rico GO/PBA negotiations. His analysis likely led to NY congresspeople writing to NY AG to investigate possible insider trading Letter#muniland 

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Help #saverestaurants  Without Federal aid, the pandemic threatens to permanently close 85% of independent restaurants. Tell your congresspeople to vote for the Restaurants Act IRC.mp4


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If watching Congresspeople grill tech CEOs about what an Internet is and how it works doesn't make you wonder about government controlling tech, you're not watching this hearing.

For Congresspeople NOW tweeting shock & outrage over lack of #PPP  transparency, I encourage you to ask your comms folks if they blew me off recently. I’ve been calling lawmakers for 5 weeks about this. The ONLY person who cared, called it out & demanded more was @RepKatiePorter 

Crazy person attacks congresspeople'>Republican Congresspeople: blame the crazy. Crazy person sends bombs to Democrats: blame the Republicans.

‘My heart breaks for these families.’ — Here’s how NRA-backedcongresspeople responded to questions about gun violence

Billy is 3 months old & doing great. Thx for the love & support. Please remind your Congresspeople that every kid deserves the care he got

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‘My heart breaks for these families.’ — Here’s how NRA-backedcongresspeople responded to questions about gun violence

Kate's Law, thank God, is finally on track after years. But fact is, 167 congresspeople do not want to protect you.

Border Patrol's response to our story on a secret, 9,500-member FB group for current and former @CustomsBorder  agents containing violent, sexist and derogatory images about migrants and US congresspeople. Full story here:

One of my Democrat colleagues has urged people to, “get up in the face of some Congresspeople.” Others want to see “uprisings” & have encouraged harassment. This is unacceptable rhetoric for members of Congress. They’ve crossed a line. They’re inciting dangerous behavior.

Remember that time everybody correctly avoided blaming Bernie Sanders for one of his supporters shooting up a bunch of Congresspeople? Because that's not going to happen today with crazy bomber guy.