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The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines decided in its biannual meeting to phase out the oratio imperata against COVID-19, a staple in Catholic liturgies for the past three years. READ:

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The Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines approves a new 'Litany of Gratitude after the COVID-19 Pandemic.'

Officer Julian Becerra has been with the Fountain Police Department for 4 1/2 years and is assigned to the patrol division as a K9 officer, Commander Mark Cristiani said during a press conferenceFriday.

For every one thing I do understand about yesterday’s Oakland/AASEG press conference at the Coliseum site… there’s a corresponding one thing that makes no sense. Too deep to detail here. YouTube video on the horizon.

Federal politicians are expected to make a significant announcement on ocean protection during an international conference in Vancouver on how to take action on promises to protect the marine world made at recent global environment meetings.

Nicola Bulley's sister says there's "no evidence" that the missing woman fell into the river, after police revealed their "main working hypothesis" at a press conference on Friday.

Nicola Bulley's sister says there's "no evidence" that the missing woman fell into the river, after police revealed their "main working hypothesis" at a press conference earlier today.

President Joe Biden pushed the blame for inflation on the Trump administration once again Friday during a press conference about the economy.

Look who's coming to speak at the #T32023  Conference! if you are interested in understanding how the CFP BOS is thinking when it comes to competency standards and professional ethics, Dan Moisand is a good one to tap. Here's a little preview:

No. 16 Xavier hosts St. John's, aims to remain in first place in the Big conference'>East Conference


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Watch NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern pick apart this reporter's question during a joint press conference with Finnish PM Sanna Marin. He asked the pair 'are you two meeting because you're similar in age and got a lot of common stuff there?' Read more:

‘It feels like I’m at a firefighters conference and no one’s allowed to speak about water.’ — This historian wasn’t afraid to confront the billionaires at Davos about their greed

DUB NATION STAND UP The Golden State Warriors are Western Conference Champions

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New Zealand: Winston Peters — deputy PM of New Zealand addresses an American COVID-19 denier at a press conference. “Sit down. Sorry sunshine, wrong place.”

Big press conference today in Philadelphia at Four Seasons Total Landscaping — 11:30am!

Going now to make a short speech to service members from all over the world. It is a celebration of Christmas. Video Conference - Fake News not invited!

Important conference'>News Conference today by lawyers on a very clear and viable path to victory. Pieces are very nicely falling into place. RNC at 12:00 P.M.

#BLACKPINK conference'>Global Press Conference: [How You Like That] ▶️ 2020.06.26 2PM (KST) on BLACKPINK Youtube channel : 

Was just informed that the Fake News from the Thursday White conference'>House Press Conference had me speaking & asking questions of Dr. Deborah Birx. Wrong, I was speaking to our Laboratory expert, not Deborah, about sunlight etc. & the CoronaVirus. The Lamestream Media is corrupt & sick!

CNN’s response to @realDonaldTrump ’s press conference today:

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