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If strategic ambiguity is no longer deterring a Chinese invasion — and if Taiwan’s people want to forge their own future — there is a school of thought arguing that ambiguity needs to be replaced by a concrete defence commitment.

Freddie FREEEEEEEEEEman …. 2-0 curveball … destroyed … 2-0 @Braves  T1…. “Rests his head on a pillow made of concrete …oh yeah.”

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"It is time for concrete action (...) since dialogue only has brought us to this situation " says @daniel_freund  . He gives the #F24Debate  three tools to insure the legal order is protected. #polandball  #EU 

Embedding recycled ferrite into concrete could create the magnetic field necessary to charge electric cars while they drive

‘Time and again, the Biden Administration has refused to take concrete action to quell the worsening border crisis,’ Schmitt said.

Two construction workers were seriously hurt Thursday when part of a concrete wall fell on them as they were doing renovation work in a school kitchen in Arlington, Virginia.

‘Time and again, the Biden Administration has refused to take concrete action to quell the worsening border crisis,’ Schmitt said.

Back in September, they agreed to allow the law to go into effect, but this time they will review concrete evidence about the law’s impact.

In #Greenfield  Rt 2 WB bridge over Rt 5 & Rt 10 closed for concrete pouring 7am-3pm Friday 10/22. Traffic detoured at exit prior to bridge


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Trump to Fox: "flipping almost ought to be illegal. 30-40 years I've been watching flippers" 32 years ago, crime boss Tony Salerno, who supplied Trump Plaza concrete, was convicted of racketeering. His top deputy flipped to help FBI lawyer for both Salerno and Trump: Roy Cohn

I’m sorry but the recall was a complete and unmitigated disaster for Republicans and the forces pushing it. They got destroyed and in some ways it’s the first concrete piece of evidence that Trumpism has enduring political costs.

Caleb McLaughlin. Idris Elba. Jharrel Jerome. Concrete Cowboy Now on Netflix

Derek Chauvin's trial for the killing of #GeorgeFloyd  begins today with opening statements. ▪️ Charges: 2nd-, 3rd-degree murder, 2nd-degree manslaughter ▪️ Jury: 9 of 15 are white ▪️ Timeline: expected to take 4 weeks ▪️ Courthouse: surrounded by concrete barriers, razor wire

I wrote out some thoughts on how to make this moment a real turning point to bring about real change––and pulled together some resources to help young activists sustain the momentum by channeling their energy into concrete action.

Trump adviser tells me the campaign has “nothing concrete” in terms of voter fraud.

If you want to take concrete action, but you’re not sure how, we’ve created a site to connect you with useful resources and organizations who’ve been fighting the good fight at the local and national levels for years.

President@realDonaldTrump  provided permanent funding to historically black colleges and universities and enacted groundbreaking criminal justice reform—concrete results for underserved communities that no prior President delivered.

Police Chief Vows To Take Concrete Steps To Better Cover Up Violence

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Last week the Fake News said that a section of our powerful, under construction, Southern Border Wall “fell over”, trying to make it sound terrible, except the reason was that the concrete foundation was just poured & soaking wet when big winds kicked in. Quickly fixed “forever”.