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AG Merrick Garland meets the press this afternoon- facing anger & concern over Justice Department efforts to seize reporters's records under Trump *and* BidenComing up at 522/722p -- my chat with @nprAudie  on NPR

Cheng Zhang reported his wife and stepdaughter missing a week after they vanished.  He told an incredible story about their disappearance. 18+ months and an FBI investigation later, police still don't know what happened to Amber Aiaz and Melissa Fu.

MISSING: 63 y/o Derel Ellis. Last seen 6/14/21 at approx. 2:00 pm in the 4600 block of Bromley Ave in Suitland. He is 5'8" & 160lbs. Last seen wearing a white shirt w/ red sleeves, blue jeans and black and red tennis shoes. If seen pls call 301-772-4911 or 911.

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Search on for persons of interest in 'suspicious' missing person case in Crawford County

Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor Who exit confirmed as she's missing from Doctor Who Annual cover?

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UPDATED: Tourism associations say although it’s an exciting day for the struggling sector, getting staffing levels back up is a major concern.

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#BREAKING: Maine Game Wardens say they have recovered the body of a missing Oregon man in Swanville:


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“It’s my baby, he’s my treasure, he’s my oxygen.” Mother of missing Oxford student Richard Okorogheye, Evidence Joel gives an emotional plea for help to find her son. Get more on this story here:

Hey everyone...just finished delivering hot stews to some of the National Guard & others on this rainy night in DC. I know there’s a lot of concern about the Guard...but our city & many restaurants are making sure everyone is taken care of! One Guardsman had a message to share...

BIG NEWS: Pennsylvania Poll Watcher: USB Drives uploaded to machines, gave Biden thousands of votes. Says 47 USB Drives are now missing. EVERY UPLOAD GAVE BIDEN 50,000 VOTES. @OANN 

Where are the missing military ballots in Georgia? What happened to them?

Where is the 302? It is missing. Was it stolen or destroyed? General Flynn is being persecuted! #OBAMAGATE 

As the 1st President to formally recognize the issue of Missing & Murdered Native Americans, today, I was proud to sign Savanna’s Act & the Not Invisible Act. We have also provided $295 Million to support public safety & crime victims. Forgotten NO MORE! #OperationLadyJustice 

Usually when we see people in unmarked cars forcibly grab someone off the street we call it kidnapping — what is happening now in Portland should concern everyone in the US. These actions are flat-out unconstitutional and will not go unanswered.

IT TAKES SECONDS TO RETWEET: $50,000 reward for help finding missing Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guillen.

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We are trying to help Portland, not hurt it. Their leadership has, for months, lost control of the anarchists and agitators. They are missing in action. We must protect Federal property, AND OUR PEOPLE. These were not merely protesters, these are the real deal!

New York Mail-In voting is in a disastrous state of condition. Votes from many weeks ago are missing - a total mess. They have no idea what is going on. Rigged Election. I told you so. Same thing would happen, but on massive scale, with USA. Fake News refuses to report!