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Maybe this $BLUE lentiglobin patient update is only preliminary, not confirmatory or final. Fine, but it was still significant enough to share at Leerink conference, so why not be equitable with the information?!? So many self-inflicted wounds at this company! Rant/end.

$ONTEX #Ontex  Group NV Ontex : More bold steps required to fix the company: >We welcome new CEO not shying away from highlighting key issues - During Ontex’s FY20 earnings update, new CEO Esther Berrozpe did not shy away from pointing out… #equity  #stocks 

TPC UPDATE | More than a year after the TPC explosions rocked Port Neches, the chemical company is moving forward with operations.

UPDATE: Store opens Feb. 26 #Apple  is holding a Feb. 24 press event for its second South Korean Apple Store, as the company looks to boost #iPhone  sales in the home country of rival #Samsung .

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ACF Equity Research - REPX Pre IPO Update Note ACF 23022021: The Reputation Exchange (REPX) is a fintech company with a unique social engagement model using affiliate marketing. With multiple prepaid cards assigned to top sporting and… #equity  #stocks 

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HEARTBREAKING UPDATE: Tampa Electric says the contractor died after falling from scaffolding he was performing work from. The unnamed man has worked as a contractor or subcontractor for the energy company for more than a decade.

Tarachi Gold: CEO Update on Magistral Acquisition and Stategic Outlook: The company is also searching for a development stage asset in the region. CSE:TRG Frankfurt:4RZ WKN:A2P2ZP ]]>

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$TELIA #Telia  Company New Street: Telia - After the dust has settled: Is the dividend safe?: We continue a new series of reports, where we update our thoughts post results, post model update, and discuss the key talking point coming from… #equity  #stocks 

UPDATE 1-Former Bank of England Governor Carney joins board of digital payments company St by 2021-02-21 11:46:00 @ReutersTech 


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UPDATE: In a letter obtained by , ~500 employees write the co@Oraclempany's board to request "Oracle immediately and indefinitely suspend all political donations to those 147 members of Congress who voted against the certification of President-elect Biden"

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UPDATE: Dow@DowNewsroom ), the massive chemical company, tells me it will not donate to any member of Congress that objected to the certification of the presidential vote This is not a pause. The company won't donate to these Republicans ever again.

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UPDATE: This AM, I reported @PapaJohns  was still advertising on Tucker Carlson It sent me a statement last nite indicating it had no plans to stop In a new statement, sent to me moments ago, the company said it will no longer advertise on Tucker Carlson

10. UPDATE: About 10 hours after Popular Information's piece on the lack of paid sick leave at @olivegarden  and other @darden  restaurants published the company has announced it WILL OFFER PAID SICK LEAVE TO ALL 170,000 HOURLY RESTAURANT EMPLOYEES

UPDATE: A Facebook spokesperson confirmed to me that the company is not releasing a list of publications that are approved for inclusion in the new News Tab It’s hard to understand how this can be a trusted source of news if Facebook won’t be transparent about what’s included

UPDATE: thank u so much to for doing the right thing and letting Carol keep her job. i’m really proud of Ulta as a company for looking into it and hearing us out. thank u guys for being so supportive yesterday. currently crying happy tears right now :,) ❤️

UPDATE: Google claims they were not aware of Hyde-Smith’s lynching comments at the time of their $5000 donation and would not have donated to her had the company known about them

UPDATE: First company pulls ads from Fox News' Laura Ingraham after David Hogg called for boycott

Gotta update that company HR training to include "Don't ask subordinates for use of their uteresus to carry your child."