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In a healthcare industry still burdened with 1960s technology, generative AI may offer a little relief — but companies are still working to overhaul a broken system that's keeping doctors and nurses more focused on paperwork than patients. Read more:

Today's DNA synthesis platforms are built on the same technology that was developed in the 1980s. But looks like enzymatic DNA synthesis is about to disrupt the industry, with companies like Molecular Assemblies leading the way.

50,000 construction companies behind on tax: Inland Revenue launches crackdown

ARX uses big data insights to advise companies that are in the process of offering their #IPO  to public markets or are looking to protect their investments. #Israel  | #startup 

Scoop: Union Square Ventures warned portfolio companies in November to diversify their bank deposits after a partner became alarmed about Silicon Valley Bank's balance sheet.

Parent companies of regional banks in Nevada are seeking to quell customer concerns following the fall of two large banks.

A bill that requires companies to share how much they pay their employees won’t compel them to actually close the gap in a province where men make 20% more per hour, say critics. @zakvescera  reports. #BCLab 

As opposed to cutting marketing efforts, companies of all sizes should change their strategies to focus more on earned media coverage - here's why.

Recent Bank Failures May Indicate Problems with Going Concern Standards, Liquidity Risk Disclosure Rules: By now almost everyone knows that Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), which largely lent to tech companies, failed almost overnight on… #Tax  #Accounting  #Tech 

"As the FDIC looks for a buyer, those of us in the innovation economy should have a single hope: That the bank’s new owner will send a strong message of support for startup companies that have been the backbone of American prosperity and security."


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The results of the world’s largest trial of a 4-day week (with no loss of pay) are out: ▪️ No drop in revenue ▪️ 65% fewer sick days ▪️ 71% less burnout ▪️ 92% of companies decide to keep the policy after the trial The conclusion is clear: we need a shorter working week.

See all the times @BTS_twt  has been featured on the cover of TIME 2022: TIME100 Companies 2020: Entertainer of the Year 2018: Next Generation Leaders

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Since I’ve been asked a lot: Buy stock in several companies that make products & services that *you* believe in. Only sell if you think their products & services are trending worse. Don’t panic when the market does. This will serve you well in the long-term.

One of your companies is under an FTC consent decree. Auto safety watchdog NHTSA is investigating another for killing people. And you’re spending your time picking fights online. Fix your companies. Or Congress will.

The hell with it … even though Starlink is still losing money & other companies are getting billions of taxpayer $, we’ll just keep funding Ukraine govt for free

The NRA buys off Congress. No action on guns. The oil industry buys off Congress. No action on climate. Insurancecompanies buy off Congress. No action on health care. Pharma buys off Congress. No action on drug prices. Money in politics is the root of our dysfunction.

Our Republican Senate just missed the opportunity to get rid of Section 230, which gives unlimited power to Big Techcompanies. Pathetic!!! Now they want to give people ravaged by the China Virus $600, rather than the $2000 which they so desperately need. Not fair, or smart!

When you see the companies'>Drug Companies taking massive television ads against me, forget what they say (which is false), YOU KNOW THAT DRUG PRICES ARE COMING DOWN, BIG. Favored Nations Clause means USA will pay the lowest price of any nation in the World. Never done before. Watch!!!

Joe Biden thinks we should "return to normal." Normal means 87 million uninsured or underinsured. Normal means fossil fuel companies destroying the planet. Normal means the rich getting richer while the poor get poorer. We cannot return to normal. We need real change.

Republicans had a deal until Nancy Pelosi rode into town from her extended vacation. The Democrats want the Virus to win? They are asking for things that have nothing to do with our great workers or companies. They want Open Borders & Green New Deal. Republicans shouldn’t agree!