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In China, official statistics and government statements are often misleading - and Chinese citizens who speak up can be arrested and jailed. In this report, @aiww  discusses his experience with censorship, and the policies of the ruling Communist Party. 📺

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Xi Jinping: The people are the state. The Communist Party of China's governance is for the purpose of ensuring the people's happiness and meeting their aspirations

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China's PLA on Sat delivered the first batch of #COVID19  #vaccines  to the military of North Macedonia, at the request of the latter and under the approval of the Central Military Commission of the Communist Party of China: China's defense ministry.

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China moved to restrict the role of private schools in the early years of education, part of a broader effort to strengthen the role of the state and the Communist Party in society

The Communist Party of China (CPC) has achieved rapid development, setting an example for other countries, particularly the developing ones like Syria: secretary-general of the Unified Syrian Communist Party#CPC100Years 

In China, growth has come in the context of stable communist rule — which suggests that democracy and growth are not inevitably mutually dependent.

From the moon to Mars and beyond: Here are some of China’s major space programs, all touted as evidence of the prowess of the Communist Party-run state.   

China moved to restrict the role of private schools in the early years of education, part of a broader effort to strengthen the role of the state and the Communist Party in society

China’s communist government has exploited its status as a developing country in the world’s international organizations to game their systems.

Thousands of progressive young Chinese went to France under the Diligent Work-Frugal Study Movement starting in 1919, which contributed to the founding of the Communist Party of China in 1921 & the People's Republic of China in 1949. Read XinhuaHeadlines:


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China has detained up to a million Muslims, a campaign it calls a benevolent and routine effort against the pull of extremism. But 403 pages of Communist Party documents we obtained reveal how officials plotted to carry out a ruthless, coercive clampdown.

Turns out the so-called president-elect is a Manchurian candidate, Communist China's man in Washington.

🚨BOMBSHELL🚨 "These emails are completely unconnected to the Hunter Biden emails being released by the New York Post." ‘This is China, Inc.’: Emails Reveal Hunter Biden’s Associates Helped Communist-Aligned ChineseElites Secure White House Meetings

It’s time to break up Big Tech. Their total bias and flagrant suppression of information can’t stand in America. Their display today is more reminiscent of dictatorial Communist China than anything ever seen in the United States before.

Joe Biden is a corrupt politician. He wants to send YOUR jobs to China, while his family rakes in millions from the Chinese Communist Party. If Biden wins, China will OWN the USA. When we win, YOU win, Wisconsin wins, and AMERICA wins! #VOTE 

While Donald Trump paid just $750 in U.S. federal income taxes during the first year of his presidency, he paid $188,561 in taxes to China. How's that for America first? So much, Mr. President, for standing up to the big, bad communist government of China. What a fraud.

Disney threatened to boycott filming in Georgia when the state passed a pro-life bill. But thanked the Chinese Communist Party for letting the studio film in Xinjiang, which houses China’s concentration camps. Can’t make this stuff up.

- LeBron endorses Hillary - LeBron campaigns w/ Hillary - LeBron calls Trump supporters 'uneducated' - LeBron calls Trump a 'bum' & 'hateful' - LeBron attacks Trump on border wall *Mention Communist China atrocities* - LeBron 'We’re not politicians. It’s a political thing'

FACT #1  ⇨ China's deception directly led to American deaths. FACT #2  ⇨ Nancy Pelosi would rather impeach the president again than hold communist China accountable.

Imagine what the world would look like if Communist China had not tried to cover up the coronavirus. It could have been contained. Lives could have been saved. Businesses could have stayed open. China’s lies changed the course of history.