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Army bars journalists from reporting on Beirut’s Hamra Street, citing permit regulations - Committee to Protect Journalists // those in power turning #Lebanon  long known as “oasis for freedom of expression in Middle East” into police state

CPJ, ICFJ, and Reporters Without Borders launch a campaign called #HoldTheLine  to support Rappler's Maria Ressa and other independent media in the Philippines (Committee to Protect Journalists)

Committee to Protect Journalists urges to release former journalist Safronov

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Committee to Protect Journalists ‘concerned’ over arrest of The Independent’s reporter covering Seattle protests

Q&A with Regina Reyes, head of news for the Philippines' ABS-CBN network, on its ability to cover the news since the May 5 government order to shut down (Shawn W. Crispin / Committee to Protect Journalists)

The Committee to Protect #Journalists  (CPJ) has criticized #Turkey  over media rights

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The Committee to Protect Journalists decried a crackdown on media in Belarus in which at least 14 journalists were detained and three convicted for their coverage of protests against President Lukashenka.

“The criminal prosecution of journalists for their work has no place in a country that purports to be a democracy.” Read the statement of the Committee to Protect Journalists on Rappler CEO Maria Ressa's cyberlibel case here:

CPJ board demands U.S. local authorities halt assaults on journalists - Committee to Protect Journalists

Board of directors of Committee to Protect Journalists demands U.S. local authorities halt assaults on newsgatherers - which it is investigating in 33 U.S. states since May 26 - and says abusive cops will be held to account.


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Committee to Protect Journalists @pressfreedom  is just one of many media freedom organizations calling out the treatment of #Assange : [This prosecution of #Assange ] threatens to criminalize the most basic practices of reporting #WPFD2020  #WorldPressFreedomDay 

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Journalists in the Philippines have been singled out for their outspokenness, and the country ranks as one of the world’s most dangerous places for reporters, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists

These are the most censored countries in the world, according to a list compiled by the Committee to Protect Journalists #WorldPressFreedomDay 

New study says Trump has "dangerously undermined truth" with attacks on news media. The report from the Committee to Protect Journalists catalogues Trump’s anti-press actions, from claims of "fake news" to threats to yank broadcast licenses.

China imprisoned more journalists than any other country in 2019, the Committee to Protect Journalists report says

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At least 250 journalists are imprisoned around the world, largely by authoritarian leaders, the Committee to Protect Journalists's annual survey found

In light of POTUS asking (joking?) for only friendly Turkish reporters to ask questions of Erdogan, here’s a recent report from the Committee to Protect Journalists: “Turkey bans critical reports on military operation in Syria, detains 2 journalists”

Meryl Streep gets political with anti-Trump message: "Join me in supporting the committee to protect journalists"

The Committee to Protect Journalists issues a blistering report about the DNC lawsuit as it pertains to @wikileaks :

Committee to Protect Journalists is making an "unprecedented" statement against Trump