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Florida education commissioner orders Miami to open schools earlier than planned

Five stories in five days on HS sports. An AD who was on a ventilator for nine days. An at-risk volleyball coach. A new IHSAA commissioner. A small school football team. A senior night.

WA's commissioner chris dawson'>Police Commissioner Chris Dawson told #60Mins  if 'Claremont serial killer' Bradley Edwards' crime against Wendy Davis had been labelled a sex crime, instead of common assault, he may not have evaded capture for decades.

Anambra APC bigger than gate-crashers, says ex-Commissioner#vanguardnews 

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FTC commissioner: Is antitrust the next stakeholder capitalism battleground?

“This may be the most precarious moment that we’re facing since we have emerged from lockdown,” Dr. Dave Chokshi, the city’s health commissioner, said at a news conference. “We will move as swiftly as the situation warrants.”

Ahead of the October 19 #ThreeSeas  Summit, join @ACFutureEurope  for an event featuring IMF Managing Director@KGeorgievaEU , @kerstikaljulaidt '>Estonian Preside @KerstiKaljulaidt  , and EU Commissioner for Ener @kadrisimsony  . ⏰Monday, September 28 at 11:00am EDT RSVP:

Children’s Commissioner Andrew Becroft calls for review of 'right to silence' for abuse witnesses

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Anambra APC bigger than gate-crashers, says ex-Commissioner


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Had a very productive conversation with Kevin Warren, Commissioner of the Big Ten Conference, about immediately starting up Big Ten football. Would be good (great!) for everyone - Players, Fans, Country. On the one yard line!

Listen I know I don’t play baseball but I am in Sports and I know if someone cheated me out of winning the title and I found out about it I would be F*^king irate! I mean like uncontrollable about what I would/could do! Listen here baseball commissioner listen to your.....

Palm Beach Countycommissioner’s meeting on masks — mashed up with “Parks and RecTown Hall. The internet remains undefeated...

Commissioner@ThatCaneAlum  wasn't trying to hear the nonsense from Mayor Pam Triolo & City Manager Bornstein after they shut off the lights of residents last week. I appreciate his passion & am glad he chose to let the Mayor know her actions were unacceptable #CoronaCrisis 

So sad to see what is happening in New York where Governor Cuomo & Mayor DeBlasio are letting out 900 Criminals, some hardened & bad, onto the sidewalks of our rapidly declining, because of them, city. The Radical Left Dems are killing our cities. NYPD Commissioner is resigning!

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver issued the following statement today regarding the passing of Kobe Bryant

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NBA commissioner Adam Silver said the All-Star Game MVP will now be named the Kobe Bryant MVP Award.

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David Stern — the Hall of Fame ex-NBA Commissioner — has died at 77 years old. He oversaw tremendous growth in his 30 years as commissioner, retiring in 2014. Stern had been hospitalized since a brain hemorrhage on Dec. 17.